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iPad Today
Episode 69

iPad Today 69: Financial apps, StockTouch, SoundCloud, Mint!

Leo & Sarah show off the latest & greatest financial apps, syncing podcasts via iCloud, media server roundup, SoundCloud, Yamaha TNR-i, & lots more!


Today's theme is...... FINANCIAL APPS!

  • app2 - Sarah's Choice: Bank of America vs. Redwood Credit Union -- Bank of America for iPad
    • bankofamerica.com/onlinebanking, FREE



"As much as Apple has done to make iOS 5 "PC free", there is one area that seems to be lacking: automatic downloading of subscribed-to podcasts. Whereas iTunes on the PC and Mac will download the latest podcast episodes automatically, I haven't found a similar option in iOS 5 to automatically download podcasts from the Internet to my iPhone and iPad. This seems like an oversight, given that iCloud can push music, apps, and books to one's devices. Where's the ""PC free"" love for podcasts? :) Have I missed something and iOS can do this? If not, then what are the app-based alternatives? Is there any loss of quality - particularly with videos - in using an app alternative rather than native iOS?

Thank you and love the show,

Damon Ferguson Tuscaloosa, AL"


  • iMut8r
    • [legacyefx.com/imut8r iMut8r], $0.99



"Greetings Leo and Sarah,

"When CBS prevents you from seeing Tebow, no worries, have your Dad Skype you the game via iPad."

Love the entire TWIT network and watch religiously! Keep up the good work!!

Respectfully, TODD COTTON"


"Now that media servers are gaining more of a presence in people's homes, it might be a good idea to tell them about ways that the iPad can interact with them. If you do, I have a couple of apps that might help people out:

OPlayer - Allows you to stream many formats from a NAS drive to your iPad, including Divx. The neat part is that you can also download the videos to your iPad directly from your NAS for watching later.

Air Video - You've covered this many times, but it's really come in handy for me when I've been out with my children, and they've gotten bored. I can stream directly from my NAS drives at home, and they can get their cartoon fix while I'm food shopping.

Plex - I use the gorgeous Plex Media Server on my iMac and the Mac Mini connected to my TV. The Plex app is a beautiful extension of this fantastic program, and even allows you to use the iPad or iPhone as a remote for your TV or Mac. - ADAM R"

"With Ep.68 you discussed in length your thoughts with Newsstand. Like Sarah, I love it. I have one BIG gripe with it though... I always thought of Newsstand, Apple's way of iBooks for Magazine and News Papers. Correct me if I'm wrong but they even demo-ed it as such. So why is it impossible to 'search' for 'magazines' from using the 'store' button from the app itself.

The content in Newsstands are apps. Boo.

From Newsstand you can't search for 'magazines' etc.. I find this as a very big flaw.

From the AppStore, you can't search for 'magazines' etc.. I find this as a very big flaw.

What am I doing wrong? Am I wrong?

Thanks, Aaron Hahn - Maryland"




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Ford Tech

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