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iPad Today
Episode 72

iPad Today 72: Got Game? Minecraft, Stuck on Earth, Shredder Chess

Leo & Sarah tackle the latest game apps, Minecraft, Epoch, Sid Meier's Pirates, Zombie Smash, Flipboard gets Tumblr, Stuck on Earth, Gmail app's back!


TODAY'S THEME IS... got game?


  • Flipboard gets multi-user support, Tumblr support, 500px support

APP STORE FEATURES: Gmail app back in the App Store

UPDATE COMEDY IN APP STORE: Yelp devs are a bunch of comedians


"Before the release of iCloud, a question was raised about purchases that you may not want everyone who uses the account to see. Not sure if this qualifies as a "Duh Tip" or not, but you can hide purchased books, iTunes content and apps from the "Purchased" section in iBooks, iTunes and the App Store by swiping to the left and pressing "Hide". It will display a message saying that the hidden items can be shown again on the account information page, either in iTunes on your PC or Mac, or from the account settings on the device. Each item must be hidden one at a time, which could be a problem for albums or tv series, but this is much better than having no control at all. -Tyler"

  • Want to "hide" a purchase? Swipe left.

"I have a question that I haven't heard anyone address. Now with iCloud, is there any reason to keep a copy of the app in iTunes on your desktop. Is it safe to delete them all? Just looking for another place to save a bit of disk space. -Mike

"Hello Sarah and Leo, I just checked the size of my mobile applications folder in iTunes. It taking up almost 20 GB of space on my mac. Is there any justifiable reason to keep all these files, since I can easily download them again at anytime? How do you deal with this problem? Do you both have dozens of GB's of iOS app files on your computers? Love the show, Ryan from St. John's, Newfoundland "


"Here is my dilemma. Once you update to IOS 5.0, the app no longer allows the user to create new faces from your camera or library. I still have not received a reply from the developer. Although the app was not that expensive ($1.99), I still feel there is an ethical obligation for the developer to acknowledge a compatibility issues with their product and an IOS version.

What do you guys think of a buyers beware segment … perhaps call it “Apps of Shame of the Week”? Apps to avoid is equally as valuable as apps you recommend.


Brian Villanueva Raleigh/Durham, NC"




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