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iPad Today
Episode 73

iPad Today 73: Black Friday Apps, Google Search, eBay for iPad

Leo & Sarah show off the hottest Black Friday deal apps, Google search trumps Safari, Comcast offers live TV via iPad, Vital Signs Camera, NYTimes The Collection, & more!


Today's theme is...... Black Friday!


ACCESSORY OF THE WEEK: Hard Graft iPad/MB Air 11" messenger bag

DUH TIP: Related to last week's email about running out of app space, Jerm has some advice for managing app storage.

ASK LEO: "Hello Sarah and Leo, I listen to macbreak, this week in tech and ipad today and love all of your twit shows.

I'm writing from Canada, and heard Leo on one of the shows mention that Apple offers the option to swap out an iPhone that isn't working right by paying $200 to get a refurb as a replacement.

My 3GS has lost its volume control button on the side, and is not acting right after the ios 5 upgrade (its moving slowly). So I went into an apple store in Canada and asked about the $200 refurb swap and they say they haven't heard about this.

So - either I misunderstood Leo, or it isn't a Canadian option.

Did I misunderstand, or is it a US only type thing?

And if it is a US only thing - do you think they would swap it for me while I'm on vacation in Las Vegas next week? -Ron"




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