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iPad Today
Episode 77

iPad Today 77: Top 5 Must-Have Apps For New iPads!

Sarah & guest host MG Siegler's top apps for any new iPad, Kindle iPad app gets an update, Skitch goes live, & GTA's on sale!


Today's theme is...... OUR TOP 5 APPS FOR NEW IPADS!

  • sarah's: Dropbox, Flipboard, Rdio, Hipmunk, Google
    • 1: Dropbox
    • 2: Flipboard
    • 3: Rdio
    • 4: Hipmunk
    • 5: Google
  • mg's: Flipboard, Instapaper, Twitter, Reeder, Netflix
    • 1: Flipboard
    • 2: Instapaper
    • 3: Twitter
    • 4: Reeder
    • 5: Neflix


  • Kindle iPad app gets an update - access to the more than 400 magazines and newspapers available on the Kindle Fire, as well as the ability to read print replica textbooks on the iPad

EARBUD CASE WANTED! "I want an iPad case that has earbud storage. Not a bag, but a case that has some minimal storage compartment for my earbuds and maybe a very few other things, while keeping it light and low profile.

Paul Gans Venice, Fl.




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