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iPad Today
Episode 79

iPad Today 79: New Years Resolution apps, Nest, Apps for Apes!

Leo & Sarah's apps to keep your 2012 resolutions, Foodily, Fitness Free HD, apps for apes, & more!


Today's theme is...... KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS!


ASK LEO: "I really enjoy your show! I teach at college and use the ipad connected to a projector and several apps including Whiteboard, 2screens and others. I also use some specialty apps like Financial Calculator as I teach finance and accounting. I know that I can move from one app to another but is there a switch like “alt-tab” that I can use to switch between running apps?

Regards, Leonard Hope, MBA & CPA DeVry University - Keller Graduate School Associate Professor"

  • ANOTHER STAND: Robin Ting forwarded Kickstarter project to us- Flote Stand. $245 made by Dave Cutler, Redding, CT **FLOTE iPad Stand $249

DUH TIP: Swipe left in camera app to access photos "I consider myself a pretty savvy iOS user, but I recently discovered a feature in the camera app I wasn't aware of. If you're in the camera app, you can swipe the screen to the left to instantly view the camera roll. This is particularly useful if you're taking pictures with one hand on the iPhone. Hope this is helpful. Love the show, keep up the great work!

Best, Chris Cantrell"

EMAIL "Hi Sarah & Leo,

Thank you so much for covering our Apps for Apes program on your show!

Here's a bit of background on what we're doing:

Besides providing enrichment for orangutans in captivity, we are hoping to raise awareness of the crisis facing orangutans in the wild. As a conservation organization, we are dedicated to protecting and saving orangutans in their natural habitat.

Apps for Apes!

The Apps for Apes program is starting to scale up and we'll soon be distributing more iPads to orangutans in different zoos. We expect it to be pretty amazing as they start communicating online...

Best wishes, Richard Zimmerman Executive Director Orangutan Outreach"


  • We've got a Nest-curious voicemail! Is the Nest thermostat worth it?




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