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iPad Today
Episode 85

iPad Today 85: OS X Mountain Lion, iPad 3 is coming, Address Book-Gate

Leo & Sarah on OS X Mountain Lion's new features, iPad 3 coming March 7, the Address Book iOS scandal, Airplay coming to Macs, Ghost Trick, & more!


Top News

  • OS X Mountain Lion gets the iOS treatment
    • iCloud account login for new macs/new user signups
    • iCloud doc storage looks like iPad UI
    • iChat now Messages; iCal now Calendar; Address Book now Contacts. Reminders and Notes on OS X.
    • integrated social with Twitter
    • Airplay from OS X

Today's theme is...... ADDRESS BOOK-GATE!

app1 - Path app2 - Instagram app3 - Foursquare




This is the first time I'm interacting back, so let me start off saying I love the show! Newsstand apps are apps, but it's more than *just* a category in the App Store:

  • They only go into the Newsstand folder (duh!)
  • They have rectangular icons, either horizontal (newspaper) or vertical (magazine)
  • They can change their icon daily, (something only the Calendar app can do otherwise)
  • They can push data once a day, where other apps can only push notifications.

Cheers, Matthew "

DUH TIP:Ethan reminds us how helpful the iOS 5 Reading List is


"Quite a lot of the magazines have links and other interactive content - it just depends on the publisher. For example, National Geographic is also on Zinio, and has video, audio, interactive maps and other great features.

One more thing - the Zinio app has a great feature that no one ever mentions. In the Explore section on the app there are full articles you can read from a variety of different magazines. It's great if you're someone who doesn't want to spend money on a full subscription just for the occasional article you want to read.

Tina Redondo Beach, CA"




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