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iPad Today
Episode 86

iPad Today 86: Storify, Oscars, Travelocity, PaperKarma

Leo & Sarah show off live apps that rock: Storify, GetGlue, Oscars, help for iPad crashes, Onlive Desktop Plus, Travelocity, & more!


Today's theme is...... THE JOY OF LIVE!


APP STORE FEATURE: Onlive Desktop Plus


  • In our comments of show 85 UKHaiku writes:

I'm kind of disagreeing with Leo and Sarah on the data issue. I don't know if you have an equivalent in the US, but here in the UK (and more widely, in Europe) we have something called the Data Protection Act. I have to give some thought to this as part of my work as a software designer, and the golden rule is to only use the data for what you tell the customer you'll use it for. There are a whole host of other considerations around data retention etc, but that's the main one. It's therefore a huge breach of trust, for us at least, when someone takes our data without being clear that they're doing so. I'm also concerned around the security of the data, not just transmission but also retention. I'd have thought Sony's experiences with data security would still be resonating with technology companies... "

  • Feedback:

"Data privacy is a big deal!"




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