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iPad Today
Episode 88

iPad Today 88: The "new" iPad, iOS 5.1, iMovie!

Leo & Sarah comb through the best of the "new" iPad, iOS 5.1, a brand-new iPhoto, better iMovie, GarageBand, Getaround in Austin, Sketch Club, & more!


TODAY'S THEME IS...the new iPad!


  • iOS 5.1 out now
    • updated camera app in iPad
    • Japanese language for Siri
    • Photos can be deleted from photo stream
    • optimized audio for TV, movies
    • 30 sec rewind for podcasts on iPad
  • New iPhoto, updated iLife & iWork suites
  • iPhoto
    • 19 mb limit on files
    • not using Google Maps in Journals/Slideshows, still using in Places
    • $4.99
  • iMovie
    • Create movie trailers with built-in gfx & music
    • Swipe up on the playhead to freeze a frame in your video
    • Preview music and sfx in the Audio Browser
    • Create a song in GarageBand and send it directly to iMovie
    • Trailers are available on iPhone 4/iPad 2 & up
    • $4.99
  • GarageBand
    • smart strings, lets you conduct orchestras with no talent
    • up to 4 ppl on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch can connect over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and jam. devices sync to the same key & tempo. And when you’re done recording, each track saves on the bandleader’s device.
    • $4.99
  • Pages, Keynote, Numbers all updated for Retina display


"I have an AT&T iPad 2 and a Verizon iPhone 4S. When I get the NEW iPad, how do I decide which way to go (VZ vs. ATT). Both claim to have 4G at work and ATT claims to have it at home so it would ordinarily be a no-brainer. However, I believe ATT's coverage map counts everything as 4G including HSPA or something along those lines and that's not really 4G but more like 3.5G with a marketing twist. And if that weren't complicated enough, there are rumors of both carriers going to a shared family data situation and then it MIGHT be beneficial to have everything on Verizon which tends to be much better for voice in the tri-state area. Any thoughts?

paul rubin, computer coordinator"

"Dear Sarah and Leo,

Why no Siri capabilities for the new iPad? Kind of disappointed.

Dave Neptune, NJ"

"I was watching MBW after the Apple announcement and you guys were talking about whether or not people actually used ipads for shooting video. Being in IT and being a gadget guy myself, even I thought this was silly, I thought no one would stand and shoot video on an ipad.

My daughter plays Junior Olympic volleyball and at our last tournament, there were 4 parents on our team alone that were recording the matches with their ipads. Between matches, the coach would sit down with the girls individually and replay parts of the game and show them things they needed to correct. The coach could easily pause, rewind, etc. Recording on the ipad cuts out all the hassle of having to transfer the video from other devices. So, even though i still stink it looks silly... it does have its uses.

Love the show... Chris Sellers"




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