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iPad Today
Episode 95

iPad Today 95: Big Earnings, WWDC, iOS 6, Art Authority

Sarah & guest host MG Siegler on Apple's big earnings, WWDC in June, iOS 6 predictions, LinkedIn gets an iPad app, Pocket, Game of Thrones Companion, & more!


Today's theme is......2012 AND BEYOND!

  • Wish List for iOS 6
    • file management
    • notifications overhaul



  • iPads in the NFL: Broncos get digital playbooks
  • Todd Cotton sent us this article from the Denver Post about the Broncos using iPads as playbooks
    • NFL doesn't allow electronic devices such as tablets on the sidelines during games.
    • Players and coaches this season will have access to those devices in the locker room up until kickoff. Previously, the gadgets had to be removed 90 minutes prior to the start of the game.
    • The league may eventually allow them on the sidelines for specific purposes, such as for coaches and players to view still photos of in-game formations and plays. Currently, players are handed paper printouts of those images.



  • Pocket - The popular reading app just got a facelift. I suppose this is to keep up with other popular apps like readability and the reading list feature in IOS. I like the different views whether icon screenshots or list format. Overall it's worth checking out and FREE.

Tiffany Gephart"

"Since I'm pretty ignorant about art history in general, I've been looking for an app that would give me an encyclopedic overview of art history, with images of work by all the major players. (I figured most major museums would have an app that shows off their collections. I was wrong. In fact, I couldn't find a single one.) I turned up a couple general apps that were really lame. Then I found Art Authority. I think it's definitely worth a mention on "iPad Today."

it's a $4.99 app that introduces the major movements in art, the major artists, and includes images of paintings, sketches, sculptures, etc. (The images aren't part of the app, though; they're downloaded if they're individually viewed, so you can look at favorites offline.) You also see what museums have the paintings, when they were created, the media used, and so on. You can search by movements (e.g., Romanticism, Baroque), by museums, and by artists. Artist bios and details about the movements/paintings are brought in through in-app links with Wikipedia. For a casual art novice like me, it's perfect.

- Bob Bittner"




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