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iPad Today
Episode 96

iPad Today 96: Twitter Wars! Tweetbot, Stream Board, HootSuite, Twizgrid

Leo & Sarah compare Tweetbot, HootSuite, Twizgrid in the Twitter wars, Hello Cupcake isn't so sweet, Mr. Reader, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, & more!


Today's theme is...... WAR OF THE TWITTER APPS!

  • Twitter for iPad, FREE
    • Activity in Discover tab
    • related searches for search results in Discover tab
    • Recent searches shown in Dicover tab
    • autocomplete and go-to-user in Connect tab
    • Push notifications for retweets, favorites, new followers
    • New language support: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish
  • TweetBot, $2.99
    • better inline conversations and replies (swipe right to left on a tweet for quick access)
    • New gesture in tweet detail to get back to the timeline quickly (swipe left to right)
    • New conversation view now contains both the conversation and replies (swipe left to right on a tweet for quick access)
    • Ability to email conversations or post a link to them via Storify when in the conversation view
    • Droplr Support
    • Higher res image uploads when on wifi
    • Hold down compose tweet button to quickly open last draft
    • Arabic Localization





  • "Hi guys,

I just thought you might be interested in hearing about an app that allows you to report unfair airport screenings by the TSA that is available on the iPad and Android phones.

Kind regards, Darren Cronian Editor, Travel Rants"

FEEDBACK ON SHOW 95 "What happened? You were talking on the show about iOS 6 and rumors. You both said that you had not heard many rumors about iOS 6. You forgot the most important one! Apple has bought 3 mapping companies, they are obviously working on a Google Maps replacement. That has been rumored for about two years and is finally expected to show up in iOS 6. No mention of that on the show.

Another thing, Apple bought the company Chomp (chomp.com) for $50 million a few months ago. It appears that they are planning on fixing the app store. There are also rumors that they are completely redesigning the iTunes and App Store. This has been all over the news and seems more important than the clear all button in the notification center. Just thought I should mention those three rumors, the mapping one is huge.

- Hugo Kessler"




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