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iPad Today
Episode 98

iPad Today 98: Gina Trapani's Home Screen!

Sarah and guest host Gina Trapani cover Notesy for Dropbox, Diptic for photos, Mixel for creatives, Gina's own app Todo.txt Touch, Foodspotting, LastPass Wallet, & more!


Today's theme is...... Gina's home screen!




"For people who like the base Apple apps and are looking for a better way to connect them to their Google services, Google has an Exchange connection that works much better than the IMAP connection that Apple has for their default option. (This works especially well since Apple added the option of multiple exchange accounts).

To set this up... Under Mail, Contact and Calendars in Settings Add an account, Choose Exchange instead of Gmail the username is your full google account email address ie. [USERNAME]@gmail.com the server is m.google.com Domain is blank.

It allows you to sync Google Mail, Contacts and Calendars. This method allows you to search all your mail on the server through the apple interface. This method also works well for work environments that have blocked IMAP ports on the network but have Exchange open.


"The reason that investigative Eric was seeing the larger iPhone apps on the iPad last week was because the dots per inch or dpi is lower on the iPad than the iPhone. This means that all of the tiny little pixels are just a little bit farther apart. So when something that is 640 X 920 pixels, its going to look a little bigger in actual size on the iPad. That's not to say Apple won't have a bigger display on the next iPhone, but iPhone apps on the iPad are not really a sign of that one way or the other. :-/

Best wishes, Eric in Virginia"

APP SUGGESTION Sam pointed us to BenchPrep


"Hi Sarah and Leo,

You know those little cards with free songs and books that Starbucks have and are given out at concerts sometimes? Well the codes on the back are ridiculous to enter in to the iTunes store manually, so to redeem them I use the dictation feature on the 4s and new iPad and just read them to the redeem code pop-up.

Keep up the good work, Cory"




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