Jason Calacanis

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Jason Calacanis

Jason McCabe Calacanis is a well-known technology entrepreneur. Calacanis was a regular panellist on This WEEK in TECH on the TWiT network. Calacanis has appeared on 28 episodes of TWiT, most recently episode 242 (as of April 5, 2010).

On April 17, 2010 Leo mentioned Jason would no longer be on TWiT due to Jason creating too many "This Week In" podcasts and causing confusion among listeners.


  • Calacanis is responsible for such companies as weblogs Inc (purchased by AOL) Silicon Alley Reporter, and his latest project Mahalo, a human powered search engine.
  • Calacanis has become known for his cranky John C. Dvorak impression on TWiT. He makes use of vocal inflection to imitate Dvorak's mannerisms.

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