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John C. Dvorak, July 2007

John C. Dvorak is a regular panelist on This WEEK in TECH, and possibly the crankiest technology host there is. He is often introduced as "Mr. slash blog" on many episodes of TWIT, due to his repeated instances of plugging his weblog.

Dvorak's other hats



  • Dvorak has insisted on many show that he gets "No Spam", spawning somewhat of a long-running joke.
  • During one episode, Dvorak told Leo that during the commercials he would be basting the meat that he was cooking. This has led to Leo saying that whenever Dvorak walks away from his microphone that he is "basting his meat".
  • In 2009, Dvorak honored as one of CIO's 10 Top Web Blowhards. How the heck did they miss Leo?

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