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Perhaps you were looking for MacBreak Weekly?

MacBreak was "The only Macintosh show you'll ever need." Mac experts Leo Laporte, Kendra Arimoto, Emery Wells, Merlin Mann and Alex Lindsay talk about everything Mac, including hardware, software, pro apps, and tips. Every show includes interviews with the most interesting people in the Mac universe.

MacBreak was a show produced by Pixel Corps and distributed via the TWiT website.

MacBreak was retired on TWiT on April 14, 2007 at episode 64. It continued on Pixel Corps until episode 318 on March 23rd, 2010.


Recent Episodes

Episodes can be viewed and downloaded here.

Although episodes were listed on the TWiT site for many years but the files (which were hosted by Pixel Corps' Libsyn account and not hosted by TWiT's CacheFly CDN) had disappeared, most episodes were recovered and they started to get re-posted in mid-2020.

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