MacBreak Weekly 178

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 178

MacBreak Weekly 178: Flash Is Cilantro

The war between Apple and Google is on, why wide screen iPad is a bad idea, and Amazon surrenders... for now.



iPad: One Week Later

Picks of the Week

Chris Breen
  • RipIt - Rip DVDs (that you own), including extras and subtitles; $19.95
Andy Ihnatko
  • CSSEdit - Simple, visual CSS editor; $39.95
Merlin Mann
  • Notational Velocity - A note-taking note-searching app which can sync with Simplenote; Free (Open Source)
Leo Laporte
  • Pollux - Clean titles and tags of iTunes tracks; $10/year

Notable Quotes

"I never bet against a smart 12 year old."

Significant Products

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Last Words by George Carlin (ABRIDGED)
Narrated by Tony Hendra, Patrick Carlin



  • Carbonite offer code MacBreak
  • ad times: 0:38-0:52 and 51:48-54:02

Production Information

  • Edited by: Tony
  • Notes:
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