MacBreak Weekly 186

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 186

MacBreak Weekly 186: Yep



  • emails from Steve:
AT&T to sell iPad?
New laptops?
Universal iPhone email Inbox?

  • R.I.P. Palm?
Rubenstein: "We could have been bigger than Droid"
Will Palm switch to Android OS?

Picks of the Week

Leo Laporte
  • TWiT - TWiT network Live Audio, Video, Chat, and Calendar for iPhone; Free
  • We Rule - 'Farmville' type game for iPhone; Free
Chris Breen
Alex Lindsay
  • RV - Review and approval image/sequence viewer for VFX artists; $299.00 USD
  • Tabata Pro - Timer for Tabata interval training iPhone app; $2.99 USD
Andy Ihnatko

Notable Quotes

It's definitely android - Leo

Significant Products

  • Link URL and optional brief description




Red Moon Rising: Sputnik and the Hidden Rivals That Ignited the Space Age by Matthew Brzezinski (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Charles Stransky


Production Information

  • Edited by: Tony
  • Notes: Added blooper at Leo's request.
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