MacBreak Weekly 212

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 212

MacBreak Weekly 212: Ninja Throwing Stars

Importing shurikens, 27" Cinema Display, iOS developer guidelines, improving the app store, and more.



Picks of the Week

Alex Lindsay
Merlinn Mann
  • calvetica - The fast calendar for iPhone. (US$2.99)
  • HDR Plus - Fullsize HDR Photography on your iPhone. (US$1.99)
Andy Ihnatko
Leo Laporte
  • ZumoCast - Enjoy your entire collection of videos and music on the iPhone, iPad, and any browser (FREE)

Notable Quotes

  • "He also looked like a frog. That probably helped him too."
    • -- Andy Ihnatko @ MP3 1hr13min29sec

Significant Products

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Production Information

  • Edited by: Tony
  • Notes:
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