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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 259

MacBreak Weekly 259: Jury Duty – Part 1

iOS 5 beta 5 is out, is iOS the new big gaming platform, trouble with Lion – upgrades, NVIDIA drivers, Apple killing MobileMe sync



  • MobileMe transition page, Apple killing MobileMe sync for keychains, widgets, etc
    • No longer synced: dashboard widgets, dock items, keychains, mail accounts, rules, signatures, smart mailboxes and preferences.
    • It is planned to offer some of these services again in iCloud but it might take a while for them to appear.
    • Access is going to be cut off next month
    • iCloud migration process is currently only open to developers
  • US iOS/Android Map
    • Blue and yellow pages indicated usage preference per state
    • Problem: only 1% preference would decide color
    • A map showing network penetration would be interesting to see, since some of these preferences might influence the choice of OS.
  • Apple still involved in Lodsys suit
    • Apple filed second motion to be allowed to take part in the defense of app developers.
    • Lodsys targeting individual developers who couldn't protect themselves.
    • Things are heating up for Lodsys as Apple is stepping in.

Tips for Mac OS X Lion

  • Resizing Windows in Lion
    • hold OPTION key down while resizing and it will resizing on both dimensions
  • Safari in Fullscreen
    • sometimes you want to narrow the column in order to read an article in fullscreen mode
    • move mouse to the edge
    • mouse pointer changes to arrows
    • now you can change the width of the display column
  • Battery Life on iPhone
    • make sure to kill all background processes not needed
    • turn off WiFi if you don't need it
    • turn off phone (airplane mode) if you don't have reception or don't need it.
    • with both WiFi and Phone iPhone will constantly try to connect and use up a lot of battery

Picks of the Week

Notable Quotes

  • Andy Inhatko: "A spinning hard drive is very much like the rotary telephone."


  • GoToMeeting (offer code: macbreak): safe money by meeting from the comfort of your home/office.
  • Carbonite (offer code: macbreak): online backup for Mac and PC
  • Smile Software (get free demo): PDFpen, PDFpro, Text Expander, etc.

Production Information

  • Edited by:
  • Shotes notes: Jean-Marie Schweizer (Bushgeek)
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