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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 260

MacBreak Weekly 260: Jury Duty – Part 2

Google buys Motorola Mobile, Android versus iPhone, porn on the iPad, Apple's Cupertino spaceship and more.




  • Google is buying Motorola Mobility
    • Andy Ihnatko is the author of the article.
      • Everyone thinks that Google goes after the patents owned by Motorola.
      • Motorola is a better buy than HTC because it is a packaged deal.
      • Google needs more control over the Android platform.
      • Foss Patents Blog has great comments.
      • Google has to pay a huge penalty if the deal doesn't go through: $2.5 billion.
      • Google must have been really desperate to get a hardware manufacturer on board.
    • Leander Kahney
      • Strange purchase because it is not aligned with their initial strategy to give away software and get into the hardware business.
      • The questions is how the other hardware manufacturers are going to react to this purchase.
      • HTC Nexus One is good hardware. Google has a close partnership with HTC. What is going to happen now to this relationship?
    • How is this going to affect the iPhone?
      • LK: It seems that Google wants to do what Apple is doing.
      • AL: Is Google fit to do this though? They are not experts in that regard.
      • AI: Android is not really making money for Google. They need money coming in eventually, especially in order to justify the purchase.
  • Leaked AT&T filing shows full LTE coverage costs $3.8 billion
    • AT&T covers 80% of the US population, approx. 20% of US landmass.
    • To bring it up to 97% would cost $3.8 billion but take years to build.
    • T-Mobile has most of the infrastructure in place and it would take much less time.
    • AI: Both Verizon and AT&T want to buy major competitors in order to keep it out of the hands of the other.
  • Rumor: Low-cost 'iCloud iPhone to accompany iPhone 5
    • AI: iCloud iPhone very unlikely.
      • iCloud is based on sync not storage.
      • Is it going to be feasible to sync every time you access information?
    • LK: Would a streaming iPhone be able to run apps?
      • Local storage requirements could be very low.
      • It might safe 50% of the hardware cost.
      • iPhone is a fashion item. Not many want an old 3G iPhone.
      • The market for a cheaper iPhone is definitely there.
    • AL: Do we see an iPhone 5 in October?
    • AI: I can see it going either way.
      • There might be a need for communicating to the consumer that the iPhone is moving forward.
      • There is also a discussion around what to call it; 4S, 4GS, 4LS, 5, etc.
      • Possibly no iPhone 5, maybe a lesser upgrade.
  • Androids Are For Cheap Pessimists, iPhones Are For Worldly Optimists
    • Android users are more likely to safe money. iPhone users are more likely to spend money.
    • LK: Seems to be true
      • Android doesn't have a big market place
      • More opportunities on the Android platform
      • Lot of Android users seem to "hate" Apple or Steve Jobs.
      • Choice of Android sometimes is not because one likes the Android but because they can do more with it.
    • AI: Android would teach you patience
      • iPhone users specifically are looking for an iPhone.
      • The majority of Android users are not looking for a Android phone but end up with a smart phone that runs Android.
    • AL: Happy to get an Android phone
      • Not getting rid of the iPhone.
      • Android universe is scary.
      • From a developer's perspective this universe is huge and may be overwhelming.
  • Kagi sparks controversy with $5 VisualHub Lion update
    • Kagi sold visual hub to many people. They got a lot of calls from their users because it didn't work on Lion.
    • VisualHub is a GUI wrapper around open source software.
    • Kagi wrote a wrapper around VisualHub in order to make the update easier. They charge only for that part, not for VisualHub.
    • Has Kagi stepped over the line?
    • AI:Didn't have time to dig into the details.
      • Kagi's story is that they created a tool separate from VisualbHub's code in order to make the update easier.
      • There are more dimensions to this.
      • The developer had the right to stop this product.
        • It's easy to understand why Kagi wanted to take care of their customers.
        • However, they didn't need to get involved with the update since the developer has quit. They could have referred their customers to the developer.
      • It doesn't seem evil that they charge for the update.
      • The instinct was OK, but they should have thought it through.
    • LK: Did they seek the developers approval?
      • Seems that they didn't want to harm anyone.
      • The developer is calling foul now, but is that justified?
    • AI: Interesting questions: If I buy a software am I not the owner of this software and then have to right to get it "fixed" myself even if I don't get back to the developer.
    • AL: The problem is that they change a couple of resources in the script file.
      • They didn't change the software but they automated the update process.
    • AI: They didn't get an old binary out and recompile it.
  • Apple's 'spaceship'-like campus reboot (images)
    • AL: Wants an invite to the opening.
      • When by 2020 the earth becomes uninhabitable and they launch the spaceship, I want to be on it.
    • Ground breaking is happening next year.
      • Probably going to be a lot of spy cameras. Watching the rocket engines to be put into the ground.
  • Apple reportedly kills plans for new iPad this fall due to Retina Display issues
    • AI: Not likely that there's going to be another iPad this year.
      • Steve Job's stated "This is the year of the iPad 2".
      • Not likely that they would say that if they planned to introduce another model.
      • We'll eventually see a retina display on the iPad but not likely for Xmas 2011.
    • AL: Are they going to slowly move to 16:9 format?
    • AI: Doesn't think so. 16:9 is the wrong format for reading and many other applications.
    • AL: How is the change in resolution affect the developers
    • LK: It'll going to be the same as it was with the iPhone. Writing two apps for both resolutions.
  • Next to go...
    • What no longer makes sense will eventually go.
    • We might see a 15" MacBook Air. Maybe they still call it a MacBook Pro but it would be more like an Air: no hard drive, no CD, etc.
    • AL: After you use an Air you just don't want to go back to a mechanical hard drive. It would make sense to see a natural progression.
    • AI: 2012 will be interesting to see what is going to come out.
      • It used to be that there was a clear distinction between the MacBook Air and Pro. Now it seems that this gap is shrinking.
      • It could also be that even the USB port will be dropped with only Thunderbolt reamining.
    • LK: It doesn't seem that the CD drive will survive. It's just not needed that much anymore.

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  • Alex messed up the ending. Funny, because he was the one suggesting the new "Break time is over. Get back to work!". :-)



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