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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 261

MacBreak Weekly 261: Fustercluck

HP gives up, cloud music, earthquake alarm, Facebook breaking news, a gazelle on a barbie, and much more...




  • H-P’s TouchPad, WebOS killed — and Apple is the main suspect
    • Article written by Andy Ihnatko
    • LL: Andy, you seem to blame Apple
    • AI: Not so much blaming but rather giving credit
      • HP was number 1 or 2 PC in the world but didn't make much profit
      • They are now almost completely out of PC hardware business
      • Apple has better margins and is thriving with their hardware business
    • LL: You get the TouchPad now for $99. Breakdown costs are about $300
    • AL: TouchPad was price at the level of Apple but didn't perform
    • LL: For every iPad HP had to sell 7 TouchPads
    • LL: Did anyone buy a TouchPad?
    • AI: I almost bought 2 at staples for $49/each just to give away.
      • HP made a lot of mistakes when they designed the OS for it.
      • But for $99 you get an excellent web browser, kindle up, video, photo, music player.
      • Plus, it's a color kindle with a lot more to do.
    • AL: I bought a Sony Dash for $69 for that purpose
  • Apple Testing LTE in iOS 5 and Hiring More LTE Engineers
    • AI: Apple is not afraid to be last
      • Battery usage is enormous
      • While travelling 4G is not always availble, even in bigger cities.
      • Samsung, HTC can produce two different versions of the same phone. Apple will only have one phone.
      • They might wait until they commit their brand to any of the available 4G version.
  • Amazon, Dropbox, Google and You Win in Cloud-Music Copyright Decision
    • LL: Google be the company who funded this fight (creator of mp3tunes works now at Google)
      • Does it mean that you still have to upload the song or not?
    • AI: You can't replace 16k that I own with a 256k that I don't
      • Key is to know that companies are not responsible for what is uploaded as long as they respond to copyright violation claims.
    • AL: It is not going to lead to new features at iTunes, Amazon.
    • AI: iTunes music matching is a form of amnesty since it doesn't check your ownership with songs you have that you may have downloaded illegally.
  • [MacBook Air 13" In Short Supply]
    • May be because of Apple's assumption that the 11" would be more popular
  • New MacBreak Weekly Email Address
    • the new email address is:

Tips, Picks and more

iOS Tip of the Week

  • AL: Apple Mail on iOS.
    • You can change the number of lines that are displayed in your mail settings (up to 5 lines)
    • LL: There are also other great features to be turned on or off
    • You can delete change the "Sent by my iPhone" as well
    • LL: //- (???)

Lion Tip of the Week

  • Dropbox and Carbonite are now compatible with Lion. Go and upgrade.
  • AI: CTRL+SHIFT+Eject turns off your screen immediately
    • You can also combine it with the requirement to enter a password in your security settings

Picks of the Week

  • AI: Kane AirBlue, portable bluetooth music receiver, $49
    • Turns any speaker into a bluetooth speaker.
    • It's small and handy and ideal for travelling
    • Can also be plugged into an AUX input of a car stereo
  • AL: Fostex AR-4i, audio interface for iPhone 4, $150
    • Directional microphones
    • Audio coming in is managed internally, not going directly to headphone jack
  • LL: Deeper by Titanium Software, personalization utility, free
    • lot of features which you only get to via plist or terminal commands have now a GUI
  • LL: iClock Pro menu bar replacement for Apple's default clock

Mentioned Products

Notable Quotes

  • LL: "Put the gazelle on the barbie" (in a Australian accent) after watching a short clip about gazelles being hunted by Lions.


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