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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 262

MacBreak Weekly 262: You May Kiss the iPad

Steve Job's legacy and what Tim Cook can do with Apple.




Hurricane Irene

  • Andy Ihnatko skypes in from a shelter since his home has no power
  • Irene past to the west of New England area
  • Leo's sister went to vacation in New England
  • Leo's mom might not even have power... Leo says "Hi, mom!"
  • Chris Breen is OK. :-) His has power (living on the west coast)

Steve Jobs

  • CB: Got a call late after story broke. They all sat down and wrote quite a few articles about Steve Job's stepping down.
  • LL: What is Steve's impact going to be from now on
  • CB: Obviously, Steve was an important part of the executive side of Apple.
    • It'll depend on why he's left and how he is feeling
    • He's certainly going to give his opinion, but he has also to give Tim Cook room to breath
    • Steve has to step back
  • AI: Apple has one of the strongest executive teams in the corporate world
    • They really work well together
    • Only question left in my mind: Is Apple going to see the vision as clearly as Steve did
  • LL: Let's talk about Tim Cook
    • He's been at Apple for 12 years
    • Before he was with Compaq
    • It's clear he's the guy who made it possible for iPhone/iPad/iPod to be a success
    • He's going to be there for another maybe 10 years.
  • CB: Before Steve Cook, Steve saw the problem with logistics and needed someone to help with manufacturing, etc.
    • The question is if Tim Cook has the artistic eye that Steve has.
  • LL: Looks at the Executive Profiles
    • You just don't see a stand out that would step up to lead this company
  • AI: But that's OK
    • With Steve's stepping down you can see how difficult it is to keep the company from being associated too much with one face.
    • Apple shouldn't be about one person but about the innovation they produce.
  • LL: Remembers the time when Steve Jobs got fired from Apple many years ago.
    • After he came back, he came back big and took charge of the company.
    • He killed the clones immediately
    • Pushed the company in a new direction since 1997
  • CB: Steve is the kind of guy that can make people get angry at him
    • When he came back Apple pleaded to have Steve do anything to get them back up
  • LL: Also, let's not forget Apples's failures: Cube, 20th Anniversary Mac, Newton, Mac Clones, etc.
  • AI: I like the cube: silent, all-in-one
  • LL: However, lots of successes overshadow the failures
  • AI: Remembers the people that would point out that Apple didn't really introduce new innovations and point out when the same technology was introduce by some minor unheard of business.
    • Apple might not be the first but they do it right.
  • LL: At any rate. One thing is clear. With Steve Jobs there is a guy who changed the "tech" world.

HP TouchPad

  • LL: HP is a company in disarray
  • AI: They might also be interested getting developers to pay $149 for the SSD
  • CB: The success is not so much because of the product but the price of $99
    • Management: This would never happen at Apple
    • If that would happen at Apple, they would take the management team and the product and burry it somewhere in the yard.
    • HP really doesn't seem to have a vision. What are you HP? What are you now?
  • LL: Samsung might be interested in buying WebOS. They might be the dark horse here.
  • AI: Maybe it's their chance to be a real competitor to the iPad.

iTunes Match

  • LL: It's like having Amnesty for stolen mp3s.
  • AI: It's like being a Kennedy Nephew. You're untouchable
  • CB: I wonder if they're going to have some way of telling what is not acquired legally.
  • AI: It might the biggest thing the recording industry has agreed to since the beginning of digital online music.
    • The potential of being inspired to buy music because of the social aspect is great.
  • LL: Likes how AI uses G+ for recommending songs.
  • AI: It was fun thinking about just one track that people would enjoy.
  • LL: You also have people voting with +1
    • Services other like iTunes, e.g. Spotify can compete with iTunes
  • CB: We don't have the ability to stream our playlist and that's why Ping doesn't work.
    • Apple needs some sort of a subscription service.
    • They don't seem to be interested in doing that.
  • AI: Ping just doesn't work
    • I have 10 more people following me on Ping than Tony Bennet.
    • That's not a world I want to live in.
  • LL: The court ruled that it was o.k. that services like Dropbox can have one copy of digital media.
  • CB: It's a big deal that Apple was able to do a deal like iTunes Match.
    • There were probably a lot of meetings between Apple and the music industry.
    • It'll be interesting to see if Tim Cook can keep up with Steve Job's street credit in Hollywood for getting the deals with the music and movie industry.
  • AI: Discussed his Google+ request for one song, and an associated Spotify list being created. If your looking for the spotify link:

Spotify Playlist: Andy Ihnatko - One Song

iPad Bridesmaid
  • iPad bridesmaid attends wedding via FaceTime
  • LL: We did a similar thing at the opening party.
    • This might be more and more something people are going to do.
  • AI: If I really didn't want to fly 3000 miles I could make the argument:
    • I can either pay $1200 for plane and accommodation or buy an iPad.
  • CB: You do see this now more often when people can't make it to an event.
    • It's great to see that they at least make the effort.


  • LL: Will we see a new iPhone
  • AI: No likely to see an iPhone 5, maybe an upgrade iPhone 4

Apple TV



no discussion



no discussion

Online Backup
  • LL: Pick of the week "SpiderOak"
    • Great secure option to Dropbox
    • Slightly cheaper, works similarly
    • Drawback: Dropbox API dominantly used in Apps
  • AI: It'll be interesting to see what Apple's iCloud will do to that market space.
    • Maybe by early next year, there might not be a need for Dropbox or SpiderOak for most people.


Tips, Picks and more

iOS Tip of the Week

  • CB: Magic of DFU mode
    • Hold down the power and home button for 10 seconds, then let go of the power button and hold on to the home button.
    • You are then in DFU mode which tells your iOS device that it needs to be restored.
    • This is helpful if you are stuck and can't deal with any other means
    • It's the last thing you want to do because YOU'LL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA.

Lion Tip of the Week

  • LL: I'm a fan of full screen mode of Lion
    • By swiping my fingers on the trackpad I am using functionality that I haven't used before alhough they have been available.

Picks of the Week =

AI: Hurricane HD iPad App, Hurricane Tracking, $3.99 AI: Google Crisis Response, free CB: Zoom R8, Digital Multi-Track Recorder, $300 LL: SpiderOak, Online Backup, free (2 GB)


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    • the new email address is:

Notable Quotes

AI: iTunes Match: It's like being a Kennedy Nephew. You're untouchable.


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  • Easy on-line invoicing. And, you can win a birthday cake every week (it doesn't have to be your birthday, just tell them that you heard about it on MacBreak)


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