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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 263

MacBreak Weekly 263: The Wheels Are Just Cosmetic

Rumors about an Apple TV, ATT/T-Mobile merger that might not merge and much more...




  • LL: What would you do if we had no electricity
  • AL: I would be a stone carver
    • Chatroom: TensorGuy would invent electricity
  • AI: I would be a chef (Busgeek: not sure if I caught that right)
  • LL: I would be a preacher



  • AL: If that deal goes through that would need to be a lot of regulations/restrictions
  • LL: Sprint would be the biggest loser, because they are so small
  • AI: See pluses and minuses to this deal.
    • It's all about speed and coverage
    • I get really great 4G numbers on ATT and Verizon. Not so much with T-Mobile.
    • More companies, more choices usually is better for the consumer
  • LL: If Apple bought T-Mobile it wouldn't be much of a problem for the DOJ
    • Maybe Google should buy it.
  • AL: We are moving towards a data reality
    • As long as telcoms are still basing their business model around voice there really is not much of a future in it.
  • AI: But there are still people that can't afford to spend $2000 on data packages
    • There still might be a market for voice
    • Agrees with AL about data getting bigger
    • But voice and messages is still going to be present for another few years.
  • AL: A guest in the audience from Zimbabwe uses an Android and does use data
  • LL: But we are moving in the direction of only data usage.
  • AL: The problem will be to provide the infrastructure
  • LL: Also, the different technologies that compete with each other don't help, e.g. GSM, CDMA, etc.

iPhone 5 Rumors

  • LL: Anyone invited to any event?
    • I'm not invited
  • AI: I also didn't get an invitation
  • LL: That might be because you know me.
  • LL: We don't know what is going to happen.
    • There are rumors and pictures for cases that have a big screen
  • AI: I'm not sure if they want to do a larger iPhone
    • if they come out with a larger screen, I don't think they'll come out with it this year.
  • LL: ATT is advancing its upgrade deals
    • BestBuy is prepping for an October launch as well
  • AI: If one store is preparing for a launch
    • Then other might just join in as well

iPhone 5 Lost

  • LL: SFPD had 3 officers in plain cloth joining 2 apple investigators
    • SFPD says their officers stayed outside while the apple investigators search the house
    • They searched the house but didn't find the phone and left
    • Now the PD is getting heat for having been involved
    • What do you think? It looks like the PD is more to blame than Apple.
  • AL: They had a GPS location of the phone at this guy's house
    • So if they had a location at his house the phone was at his house, wasn't it?
    • How else would they have that GPS location
  • AI: So many variables here
    • Some many people have good reasons to lie
    • The home owner admitted that he was at the bar where the iPhone was lost
    • I wished Apple prosecuted every lost device
  • LL: SF Weekly has the reference.
    • David Calderone, 24 admits to have been at the bar
  • AI: Apple acted appropriately if they had the two pieces of information
    • 1. They had the GPS lcoation, 2. They knew that he was in the bar
    • However, unless there is no warrant, nobody is really allowed to do any search inside the house
    • Also, everyone has the right to a lawyer and refuse any questioning
  • LL: Remembers a lecture of a law professor who aid: do not talk to the police without a lawyer.
    • Link from chat room: [1]
  • AL: It sounds that the SFPD walked up first and said they were the police, but then let the Apple investigators search
    • Also, a warrant states very specifically what they are allowed to search for
    • If you say that they can't search without a warrant, than that usually stops everything
  • AI: What if Apple did this to cover up another iPhone getting lost?
  • LL: It is up to Calderone to decide if he wanted to file a complaint
    • Speculation: He picked up the phone, through it out the window and now is not pressing charges
    • If I was Apple I would look around the house
    • Can you flush an iPhone down the toilet?

Apple to ITC: Andy Rubin infringe on Apple API patent

  • LL: What they are saying is that Andy Rubin was in fact at Apple when this realtime access API was developed
    • Apple is not suing Google
  • AL: That would be great subject for TWIL
  • LL: Apple has sued Motorola over this patent
    • It's quite an accusation by Apple
    • I don't like patent laws

Galaxy Tab 7.7 pulled from IFA show floor

  • AI: Andy would want that kind of a victory
  • AL: I don't think Apple has interest in licensing fees
    • They just want to cripple the sale
    • Apple has the best platform in this market
    • Nobody else is about to catch up.
    • The closest being the Galaxy tab
    • What's happening now is that people are getting unsure if they want to buy a Galaxy tab because they don't know if it is going to be around.
  • LL: In Australia the court says they Apple didn't present enough evidence
  • AL: But there are damages to be paid
  • AI: It's possible that Apple is acting on principle
    • But it doesn't make sense for them to fear the Galaxy tab hurting their sale numbers
  • AL: There seems to be an incredible amount of bitterness from Steve Jobs regarding the failed partnership with Google.
    • It could be personal
  • LL: Google claims that their phone working on a phone before the iPhone came out
  • AI: But their designs looked a lot like a Blackberry back then
  • LL: Google might dump Android
  • AL: That might be...
    • But Apple will go after anything Google is doing in this space
  • AI: Google has to do something to get out of this tar pit.
    • Google is in the position of having 80% of the market share but having no value
  • LL: More "normal" people say they want an Android phone (from the radio "The Tech Guy")
  • AI: Not sure about that
    • The differences in the Android UI is more confusing than not

Apple TV Rumor

  • AI: So many analysts are saying they heard it from so many sources
    • I just don't see this happening
    • If it was released with a selection of apps, netflix, etc. and a touch screen, only then I can see that they want to do this.
  • LL: I want to go on record saying: No fricking way
  • AL: I think that they will build a TV because it is the last piece of the puzzle
    • An iOS in a TV is very compelling
    • Apple has already figured out a lot of these units, using the "hobby" Apple TV to work out a few things
  • LL: Steve Jobs would probably love to have this as his legacy piece to leave Apple
  • AL: I also think that an iSight would change the whole experience
    • And only Apple has enough experience to integrate all that together in one box.
  • AI: I'm still not getting it that Apple would make an actual TV even if they have all the knowledge
    • If they'd do something big, like a motion sensor, not just iSight, then it just doesn't make sense.
    • They'd have to completely redesign the market
  • AL: For a lot of us full of geekery it would be well received
    • When we have a fully integrated iOS I'd use it very much
  • LL: I don't think Apple would want to do what we consider to be a TV today
  • AI: How would Apple solve the problem with Comcast, Verizon and cable companies
  • LL: It probably would have to a cord cutter to cable services

Amazon Kindle Rumor

  • LL: Do you think it's a big threat
  • AI: This is exactly the way to kill the iPad
    • Cut the price in half
    • Amazon basically just creates its own universe and stays away from the Android chaos
    • They also give access to music, movies and apps
    • And they give you a smaller form factor so it fits in your bag
    • I can't wait to get it
    • You do not compete with iPad by trying to make a better iPad
  • AL: I think they are going to do very well with it.
    • I don't think I would bother with an iPad without it having 3G
  • LL: shows the new iPad ad: [2]


App Store with new Lion section
Final Cut Studio wasn't that bad after all
  • Apple Puts Legacy Final Cut Studio Back on Sale
  • AL: No surprise there. There are still a lot of professionals that can't work with X
    • I worked on a few projects with X and loved it
    • I still can't do a bunch of things but if it can do something I wouldn't want to miss the functionality.
    • It works so much better than the previous version
  • LL: Leo shares some insight from being at the Dexter set
    • It's amazing how incredibly well designed and organized this show is
    • It's a lot of fun to watch
  • AI: Leo is back from the glitter factory

Email Question

  • Joel: Where do you get these beautiful desktop pictures that I keep seeing on the shows
  • LL: It's a collection over many years
    • I like landscapes
    • I've been collecting it for years and I have hundreds of them
    • I use SpiderOak to sync my pictures from my desktop computer to my laptop
  • AI: It's important to whenever you see something you like to got to right click on it and save it.
    • Shows an old Apple ad picture and points out the pixelation on it.
    • It might have been off one of the Apple history pages
  • AL: I take pictures of everything I like to remember
    • I use evernote to sync

Tips, Picks and more

iOS Tip of the Week

  • AL: Remember that your "Find your iPhone" is not ON when you buy your iPhone
    • You have to turn it on.
    • You go to mobile me or your iTunes account
    • Go to settings and turn it on
    • I love this service and I used it already
  • LL: It's also a great way for parents to track their teenagers

Lion Tip of the Week

  • AI: Quicktime Player added a new feature to their export list
    • It can now export movies to an audio file
    • It gives you the ability to convert video files to audio books
    • This is great when you don't need to see the movie anymore but want to follow along by listening to it
    • It's not going to work on protected content

Picks of the Week

LL: Sonos is now compatible with Lion. [3], free AL: Playback Pro, play back several videos and link them together for professional use, starting at $249 AI: Aomixology App, great way to read comics, free

    • Also, they offer all their comics available at the kiosk now through this app as well.
    • They also start over with a complete reboot of the story lines.
    • Starting 9/11 you can now start from issue #1. Ideal for newcomers to comics
  • LL: Reading a comic on the iPad is a pretty satisfying experience
  • AI: I actually prefer it
    • It's all in-app purchasing, same price as print


  • New MacBreak Weekly Email Address
    • the new email address is:

Notable Quotes

AI: Leo is back from the glitter factory


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