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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 265


MacBreak Weekly 265: Mahickamadoodle Beta

Latest iPhone/Ipod Touch rumors, Apple is opening stores around the world and some great tips of the week, and much more...




  • AI: today with a mid-town NY hotel background
  • AK will be calling in with his iPhone for video
  • LL: is looking for some good domains to buy
  • AI: struggling with Skype update


Lifespan of Tech Companies
  • AK and LL: talk about how long tech companies like Twitter, Facebook stay in business in this fast moving space.
John Scully
  • LL: is reading an article by about his relationship to Steve Jobs


Apple closes trading at all-time high of $411.63, up 10.1% since Jobs stepped down


  • LL: Is that counter intuitive?
  • Chatroom: $422 right now
  • AI: These number always settle in the light of real news
  • LL: If you look at the graph, it just jumped on Monday and on Tuesday again
  • AK: Steve Jobs leaving wasn't a surprise, shocking at the time, but not surprising.
    • I don't know how much leeway they have without Jobs
  • LL: If they do announce the iPhone 5 it's going to be interesting to see what happens.
    • Any date when it will be announced?
  • AK: maybe around 10/5? First week of October.
  • LL: We hear 9/23 to be the date for the gold master of iOS 5.
  • AK: at least it is planned for 9/23. Consumer release will be alongside the announcement of the iPhone.

T-Mobile USA 'Not Going to Get the iPhone 5 This Year'


  • LL: What do we know now?
    • First we hard one phone, now it's two phones, maybe a light version of the 4 and a new 5.
  • AK: It's been very confusing this time around.
    • We've seen photos of parts leaking. They look like iPhone 4.
    • What's weird is that it seems to have an A5 processor.
    • So the question is if it will be a low-cost model.
    • Also, what will happen about an unlocked phone for the US market.
    • Maybe we'll get iPHone 4, 4S and 5.

Are these parts from the Apple iPhone 5?


  • AI: Just another excuse for us to talk, talk, talk and wonder, wonder, wonder

"Plenty of Chatter About a New iPhone

AT&T to launched LTE Sunday, Sept. 18


  • LL: Everybody will be LTE eventually but is very sparsely spread at this point.
  • AI: If you really want 4G you'd have to go with Verizon because they have the best network.
  • LL: ATT is offering different promotions, incl. converting back to unlimited data.
    • It seems unlikely that Apple will have a 4G iPhone coming out.
  • AK: Yes, I don't think it'll happen
    • Also a significant chip for 4G is not available until first half of 2012
  • LL: And Instagram 2.0 is coming out today.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index: Apple Aces It, Again


  • LL: Apple with 87% satisfaction
    • You can see that since Steve Jobs came back Apple was constantly growing their satisfied customer base.
    • Somebody told me that if you bring a broken iPhone to Apple they charge you $200 and give you a new iPhone.
  • AI: I really advise everyone to go the Genius bar at Apple with their broken iPhone, regardless if they were at fault for breaking it. They will help you and they might be able to to do something about it.
    • Be honest and don't try to hide your responsibility.
  • Chatroom is confirming that the swap is happening. It'll be a refurbished phone.
  • AK: And, if you crack your glass back they'll replace it for $29.
  • AI: is showing his taped iPhone
    • Apple is the only company that not only have a great service but does it face to face.
  • LL: han't broken his phone. Just his kids.

Apple Working on Allowing the Merging of Multiple Apple IDs


  • LL: has multiple IDs and really would appreciate that.
  • AK: Tim Cook is really responsive to email.
    • This seems to be in direct connection with on of the feedbacks for Tim Cook.
    • Two people got the same response where Apple acknowledges the problem and confirms that they are working on it.
    • If you have more than one account for iCloud they lock you in for 90 days, on both phone and computer.
  • AI: Since now the ID is for every major transaction, this is a good move.
    • Also, now with only one password you can access everything within the Apple universe. So it's a greater security risk that asks for a safe password.

Samsung Already Planning to Target iPhone 5 with Patent Lawsuits


  • LL: Google just announced yesterday that they use the NFC chip, but only in one phone (Nexus S 4G)

Apple to Release a White iPod Touch with Minor Changes in October


  • AK: There will be a white iPod Touch and a black one.
    • It doesn't sound like there will be an A5 processor.
  • LL: It needs a much better camera
    • I believe that people by the iPhone because of the camera. Apple is probably smart about this.
  • AK: One discussion is if Apple is making the iPhone so cheap that nobody would want to buy the iPod anymore.
    • John Gruber argued that it is in Apple's best interest to increased the iPhone numbers even if they canibalize the iPod market.
  • AI: I think the iPod Touch still has a place in the market. Parents like it for their kids if they don't want to give a phone capability.

Mac App Store Now Offering Re-Buy Warnings for Apps Purchased Elsewhere


  • LL: Apple is now warning people, but it doesn't work always. It has to be the exact version.
    • AI: If someone is faced with buying from the App Store or trying to find the Installation CD, they might buy it again online just to keep it simple.

Apple releases major update to Final Cut Pro X, release demo version


  • LL: It's a big update.
    • We are hoping for SAN support, otherwise we'd have to switch to Adobe Premier.

Ivy Bridge to Support Ultra High Resolution 4096x4096 Screens


  • AK: 4K is really interesting because it is significantly different.
  • LL: It'd be amazing to have such a resolution
    • You obviously have to get a new display, the 30" has something around 2500 pixels.
  • Chatroom: it's not 16:9
  • AK: It just means that can push that many pixels. The format can be determend.
  • AI: Is Apple really adapting this, though?
    • Do you really need that kind of a resolution in every mac?
    • It seems to be a free feature you'd get with this chip rather than paying an extra $250 for an extra chip.
  • AK: It might open the market for retina displays for the macs.
  • AI: But how much would it cost to have such a resolution on a mobile platform?
  • LL: We faced this before, though. LCD used to be very expensive and prices are down now. It'll take time.
    • Having seen 4K displays at CES before, there really is a massive difference to what we have now.

LaCie HardDrive with Thunderbolt is coming to the Apple Store

John Scully finally understands Steve Jobs?


  • LL: Apple is Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs is Apple
    • Imagine what Apple would be like if Job had remained at Apple.
  • AI: It's hard to imaging.
    • Mac OS X is based on the Next OS
  • LL: AI makes a good point.
    • Jobs says he learned a lot after leaving Apple.
    • Maybe Scully shouldn't have regrets. We might not have the Apple of today if he didn't fire Steve.

"Apple's Steve Jobs gets shout-out from Stevie Wonder

Rapper dedicates song to Steve Jobs [NSFW]

A "Late 2011 iMac" update may be imminent

Back-to-school Mac sales outpace PCs even without white MacBook, free iPod touch

Windows 8


  • AI: Loves it. Has it installed on his Mac.
    • Loves the Metro environment.
    • Can see how you can easily only live in Metro.
    • Can't wait to see how it is to use on a tablet.
    • Metro really is an interface that wants to be touched, swiped, squeezed and pinched.
  • LL: It really seems to be designed for a tablet rather than desktop.
  • AI: It actually works really well with a keyboard.
    • Microsoft has not implied if any of the Office applications are going to be available for Metro.
  • Chatroom: Paul Thurrot said MS has confirmed Office on Metro.
  • AI: Does he mean that it'll be full Metro style or hybrid with classic view?
    • It's so interesting how wonderful Metro is and then if you go back to the classic view you just don't want to be there.
    • Apple and Microsoft have a different point of view. It'll be interesting to see the battle coming up in 2012 and 2013.
  • AK: I find it very interesting to see Metro coming from Microsoft. Positive and surprising.
    • I wonder what would happen to Windows Mobile phone market share once Metro is established with Millions of users.
  • LL: Their first attempt for mobile was to shrink the desktop version down to the phone. Now they are doing to opposite.
  • AI: There's a tell here. Whatever Apple is doing it's not working just yet.
    • If Apple made a table that has both the iOS and Mac OS X I could leave my laptop at home.
    • I wouldn't care that my battery life would only be 4 hours.

Tips, Picks and more

Lion Tip of the Week

  • AI: Copy and Paste for Files and Folders
    • Use COMMAND + C and COMMAND + V to do this

Picks of the Week


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