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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 266

MacBreak Weekly 266: Here's Your Sucker Hat

Apple Event on October 4th, and much more...




iPad Trees

  • DM: asking everyone to participate in a iPad Tree Exhibition.
  • Eileen is showing her and Don's tree.
  • AL: is contemplating to contribute as well.

Apple Event Invites

  • LL: Anyone got an invite?
  • AL: I got front row seats (joking).
  • DM: I didn't get one.

Sprint Epic 4G Touch

  • LL: is unpacking his new toy.
    • shows the similarities between the Sprint's and Apple's power plug
    • as he starts up the phone it shows the linux command line.
    • doesn't seem to look what people would expect when to power on the phone.
    • where's the OK key? (Home key is the OK key)
    • That's why Apple's saying that they wanted to see what they do.
    • At a second try it finally turn on correctly.

Amazon Announcement Tomorrow

  • AI: skyping in from NY.
    • He is getting ready for the Amazon Kindle announcement.

Facebook Timeline

  • LL: Leo's showing off his Facebook Timeline.
    • only developers get access to this feature.
    • He made a joke about Facebook finding a baby picture of him.

Austin Powers

  • LL: Do the British hate Austin Powers?
  • DM: Not really.
  • Discussion around American faking English accents and English faking an American accents.


Apple Issues Invitations for October 4th iPhone Media Event

  • Last MBW before the event
  • LL: Who in here got an invitation? Show hands!
    • Nobody show hands.
  • LL: Even AI didn't get an invitation?
    • We are the most viewed podcast around Apple and nobody got an invitation.
  • AL: Maybe it has todo with Skype and a Laptop in the audience.
  • LL: We'll be here covering it live.
    • They used to cover it live themselves but then stopped.
  • AL: I think the reason why they don't do it, it takes the power away from the news agencies.
    • They all have the chance to get the news up
    • If you saw live streaming every time, the attention in blogs, etc. might not be as big.
  • LL: AI, DM would you like to join us?
    • Both will be here. AL as well.
  • LL: The invite is very clear, not secretive.
  • DM: I like the line 'Let's talk iPhone'
  • LL: Who cannot talk about iPhone 5 because of NDA?
    • AI and DM can't
  • Rathole: Snoop Dog is everywhere today, comics and such
  • LL: I might be that 'Nuance' recognition will be part of iOS5.
    • It'll be said that now, for the first time ever, speech recognition
    • The fact is that Android had it for a while.
  • AI: loves the Nuance feature for navigation.
  • LL: Is Apple going to offer navigation on the iPhone?
  • AL: There's a possibility for that.
  • LL: AI and I both like Motion GPX live.
  • AI: It actually behaves like an iOS app, better than any other ones.
  • AL: I tested a whole bunch of apps, not Motion GPX though and the TomTom really got me there.
  • DM: What interests me is, if speech recognition will rely on the hardware of the phone.
  • AI: Google speech recognition requires connection to the internet.
  • LL: It might be possible now with faster processors and more memory to have the whole library on the phone.
  • DM: You were also limited with the length of recognition, maybe just 30 seconds.
  • AL: I can really see that someone who dictates a lot using this feature.
    • I remember that I had to write a 3 page essay for getting a 64 MB upgrade from 128 MB for rendering at ILM working on star wars. Now, phones come with GB of memory.
  • LL: Are they going to add LTE?
  • AI: No chance. ATT's LTE still has very little coverage.
  • LL: ATT is moving as quickly as they can with coverage.
    • He is showing his Sprint Epic 4G Touch using the speech recognition

Wedge: Apple’s ‘iPhone 4S’ will be only new model to launch this year

  • DM: Even if it's just a slight update it'll be fine.
  • AL: I used to have a phone that was 4 years old. It would not work that well anymore but I still would use it.
    • Nowadays, if you don't have the latest phone you are missing out.

Apple 'gearing up' to release devices with curved glass in 2012 - report

  • LL: it's like having a phone wrapping around the side of your head.
  • AL: We'll probably eventually have a body phone powered by body heat.
  • LL: We'll find out in a week. It's the last time to speculate wildly.

T-Mobile Exec Says Network Won’t Get iPhone 5 This Year

  • LL: Not sure to trust his post. He's been wrong before.

Amazon Kindle Fire Android tablet announcement on Wednesday

  • LL: Are these leaks helpful?
    • Also, the reason why these leaks are happening because developers are getting the device beforehand and then talk about it.
    • Apple is on the other extreme. They lock the new device in a room and have very restricted access to it.
  • DM: I don't think the Kindle Fire is not meant to be an iPad competitor.
    • We can assume that it'll be in colors.
  • AI: It's clear that Amazon is targeting the Nook.
  • AL: It's fascinating to watch how the media industry is desperately trying to create leverage between all providers: Amazon, B&N, Netflix, etc.
    • They take something away from Netflix, give it to Apple, etc.

Facebook's iPad App Will Go Public at iPhone 5 Event: Reports

  • LL: Why isn't there an iPad app already?
    • The official answer a few month ago was that the iPad isn't a mobile device
    • But apparently the truth is that the developer of the iPad app quite a few months ago.
  • DM: I don't really see why they would hold an iPad app back.
  • LL: I heard that just before Ping was announced that Zuckerberg went to Jobs and negotiated but Apple didn't give in so far. They wouldn't share any information with Facebook.
    • AL: I'm much more comfortable for Apple to have my information than Facebook.
  • LL: Mark Zuckerberg believes that the more public you are the happier you'll be.
  • AI: My concern is that just by going around and being alive the information that is gathered is triggering all these ads which might be based on wrong assumptions.
    • What happens if stupid marketers use the information and wrongly use it.
  • LL: There's billions on dollars spent on TV on just a time slot with not much information about the viewers.
    • The prospect of having all this information available and target ads more precisely is going to create a huge business.
  • AL: It really depends on how much data they own.
    • I buy everything on Amazon and now, when I go to Amazon, my front page is like cat nip.
    • They are definitely showing me the right things.
  • AI: I considered buying a outdoor garbage can from Amazon just because shipping was free.
  • LL: There's a major privacy issue here.
    • The more they know about us the more they can target their ads, and also, they can deny services, too.
  • LL: Let's warp it up with a vote.
    • Are we going to see a Facebook app next Tuesday?
    • No: LL, DM, AI
  • LL: You can't access Spotify without a Facebook account (new accounts).
    • It's scary to think that at some point we can't buy groceries without a Facebook account.

Mac Expo Petaluma

Discussion =
  • LL: It's this weekend and Smile Software is sponsoring it.
  • AL: I love this event.
  • LL: Lot's of great names.
    • Reason for mentioning it is (see sponsors).

JPMorgan Differs With JPMorgan on Apple IPad Order Research

Discussion =
  • LL: Some disagreement about Bloomberg's analyses.
  • AI: It could mean that something new is about to come out.
    • I'm still waiting for a TV.

Comcast Working on iPad TV Streaming Service Called AnyPlay

Discussion =
  • LL: You have to be near your Motorola Box. That's really not useful.
    • Who cares about an iPad streaming when you need to sit next to the box?
    • There's no Apple TV AI, dream on.

Apple is denied a trademark on 'multi-touch'

Discussion =
  • LL: No tears of sadness?
  • Everybody: No

Samsung Asks Apple For 2.4% Payout On iPhone Chipsets

Discussion =
  • LL: They just shoot at each other at the moment and we just wait until one draws blood.


Tips, Picks and more

iOS Tip of the Week

  • LL: Flipboard: I created a new Twitter account for retweets from Flipboard. ????
  • AL: Mute your iPhone with the switch, but don't expect the alarm to be muted. ????

Lion Tip of the Week

  • AL: Apple has built in readers.
    • if someone emails you an word or page document, you can use reader??? to open and print it. (maybe he meant preview?)


Best tool to OCR PDFs
  • AL: I use OmniPage
  • DM: You can use PDFPen by SmileSoftware

Picks of the Week


  • GoToMeeting (offer code: macbreak): Safe money by meeting from the comfort of your home/office.
  • Smile Software (try it for free for 30 days): PDFpen, PDFpro, Text Expander, etc.

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