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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 268

MacBreak Weekly 268: Everybody ZangZing Tonight

Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S, Listener questions, and more…




Pixel Corps Feedback Loop

  • AL: showing of a new feature on his website.
    • []
    • asking viewers to sign up and use the tool to pose questions.
    • it's easier for them to see the questions, rather than in chat.
    • and, viewers can vote on questions and then the top questions might be answered.
    • this will be replacing the IRC for questions.
  • Somebody commented on Alex's "hair piece"
  • Andy's making Klingon references before Adam could.


Steve Jobs

  • AL: Why do people feel so sad about Steve's passing?
  • AI: There's a lot of people that link Steve back to their childhood past.
    • He's an idol for many and now he is no longer here.
  • JS: It has a lot to do with the products that he brought into life.
    • He was seen as the person that created these products.
    • The world is a poorer place without him in it.
    • We all wonder what kind of products are going to come from here on, not only from Apple, but in general.
  • AE: You got to wonder, what we would be using today if Steve hasn't been around.
    • If you take Steve out of the picture our personal computer would look very different and would be used very differently.
  • AI: I'm sure there's a roadmap for the next 5 years that will give Apple direction without him.
  • AL: How necessary is it for Apple to change direction?
  • JS: The key is use Steve Jobs playbook.
    • What they shouldn't do is trying to recreate Steve's experience.
    • They need to question like Steve did and be willing to adapt.
  • AL: How else do we see Apple changing with Tim Cook in charge?
  • AE: I don't think it'll change a lot.
    • Tim's been in charge for a while and it doesn't seem that there's going to be a big change.
    • I don't know Tim Cook well, so it's really hard to tell.
  • AL: Is it less stressful to work at Apple?
    • JS: Tim's intense, too. There is already one story about him dealing with a situation
    • Some problem in China (???)

How to use iCloud? (from Feedback Loop)

  • JS: iCloud will not sync absolutely everything.
    • In the beginning it'll just sync certain information.
    • Where Apple is going is by everyone having an ID for iCloud, separate from the one used to purchase.
    • That way you can have separate accounts for syncing
    • It'll be a limited set:
      • Find my iPhone
      • Backup for iOS devices
      • iTunes
  • AL: It seems like they need something like G+ circles.
  • JS: Some sharing capability will be important
  • AI: We also need to realize that a lot of it hasn't been figured out yet
    • Apple themselves will sit back and watch what is happening and how iCloud is being used, before they dig into development of features.
  • AL: Isn't it a danger with Apple that if you are a developer and create something unique, you better get your money soon because Apple might take the idea and make it their own?
  • AI: That's always a possibility, however, with iCloud it'll take months for everyone to have some experience of what is needed.
  • AE: We are developing with iOS5 and it is frustrating because we don't know what features will be kept and removed and a lot is not documented well.

iPhone 4S

  • AL: At first it looked like the 4S was a complete failureL
    • Now, we see that people love it, millions have been sold.
  • JS: The iPhone 4, although 18 months old, is still the best selling smartphone.
    • And now the 4S, it'll be as successful.
  • AI: And who wants to buy a new phone every year? I don't?
    • You have a phone, you have it for two years, you drop it, you wash it, and some point you'll need a new phone anyway. Really
  • AL: Do we think that they just added what they needed to to be interesting enough?
  • AE: Yes, they carefully set the features so that it'll be interesting for people to keep the momentum of iPhone 4 going.
  • AL: I'll get a 4S, because it is my job. Someone will end up with my 4.
    • I handed down the 3GS to my kids but it just didn't like the bathwater that much.
  • AI: You run into a trap with a routine update.
    • When I review Android phones the upgrades are just not that exciting.
    • Apple seems to be conscious about making features exciting and it looks like that every two years they take a big leap.
  • AL: Did Apple take over the smartphone market?
  • JS: They created it, didn't they.
    • Everyone is still catching up.
    • Apple reached a lot of people who are not Apple users.
  • AL: I couldn't order online because I couldn't figure out how to get all my current features rolled over.
    • So, I had to go to the ATT store in order to be sure I don't lose anything.
  • AE: My experience with ATT support has been great.
  • AL: I can confirm that too. Their customer service has been great to me all over the world.
    • You can call ATT 1 week after you left the country to get the international plan and they backdate it.
  • AI: I have similar experiences. Good customer service.
  • AL: What do people need to think about when decided on a provider?
  • AE: That's mostly local knowledge. People usually know what works and what doesn't
  • AL: How important is it to have a free 3GS?
  • JS: It's physiological. People might walk into the store because they can get a free phone, and they might end up buying a 4 for $99.
    • It's interesting that Apple decided to use older phones as free phones, rather than building a limited one.
  • AE: Are they offering the free iPhone anywhere else but the US.
  • JS: At the moment it only seems to be here in the US.
    • Tim Cook has mentioned some of the developing markets having a need for a cheap phone.
  • AE: I hardly talk on the phone, so it doesn't matter if I go with CDMA because I don't need to be on the phone and the internet at the same time.
  • AI: When you go to the drug store and buy a burner phone it's really just to connect to people.
    • But if you buy an iPhone than you are more invested in using it with all its features.
  • AL: The other advantage of the 3GS is that parents can buy it for their kids, because it's not only cheaper but also more durable.
    • And the cost of subscription is a lot less too.
  • AL: Have you all ordered phones? I'm definitely getting one.
  • AI: I'll wait until 2012
  • JS: I'm waiting too until my ATT contract is up.
  • AE: ???

Apple TV (Feedback Loop)

  • AI: can't say anything because of NDA. He's talking to his dog.
  • JS: I only heard rumors.
    • An A5 bluetooth is definitely inevitable but it's hard to say when.
    • Last year we were talking about playing games on it.
    • One of the weaknesses is that AppleTV just doesn't have that much content. They'd need to open it up more in order to make it more accessible.
  • AL: I'd love to see it going bluetooth. I'm tired of the remote.
    • As soon as I have a computer close buy the remote takes over the laptop.
  • JS: Go into your preferences and turn infrared off.
  • AI: There's now a $49 version of the Roku box.
    • They must have realized that now is the time to push something new.
    • And, they'll be caught in the Amazon effect (Kindle Fire).
    • The decision will be, well the Roku does everything AppleTV does, minus access to the Apple Store, but access to everything Amazon has.

Facebook for iPad (Feedback Loop)

  • AL: I prefer the app to the web
  • JS: It' definitely a lot easier to use.
  • AL: There's a challenge for the web. I always want to go to the app instead of using the web.
  • AE: One of the concepts of the web used to be about connecting clients and servers
    • It'll be interesting to see if there are going to be some stunning website that's can be compared to the app.
  • AI: I'm playing around with a Mango phone (new Microsoft OS).
    • I just want to see website to be more context related.

iCloud vs. Google (Feedback Loop)

  • AE: It's really not the same thing!
    • We know that iCloud will not be done when it comes out.
    • It's basically a fancy cable with the cable.
  • AL: Do you think that eventually two people would be able to collaborate working in a document, e.g. Keynote.
  • AE: Nothing has been said around that and Apple really sucks at doing collaboration.
    • iCloud is sync on steroids.
  • JS: What iCloud and Google have in common is that now you have an easy setup for your phone and all your data is synced. Android has had that for a long time, now Apple finally caught up.
    • MobileMe never really worked and now iCloud has the chance to show that it can.
  • AI: Both are fundamentally different.
    • Google biggest weakness is that they introduce something new euphorically and then throw it away a few months later. Apple is a lot more consistent even if not as quick.
    • When Apple says that iCloud is going to be at the same level as all iOS devices we can assume it'll be around for a long time.
    • Dropbox and iPad have forced me to switch from Scrivener to Pages because the ease of use.
    • I can start a Page document on my desktop and then pick it up on my iPad without thinking about it.
    • Scrivener doesn't have that.
  • JS: Syncing will cause a lot of work for developers in the next few months.

Siri on iPad 2? (Feedback Loop)

  • AI: Not sure if Apple really wants to bring Siri to the iPad
    • It's designed for small devices, where it is a necessity.
    • If Apple sees a need for the iPad is questionable.

Does AirPlay out on a Mac? (Feedback Loop)

  • JS: It doesn't look like that Apple wants to push the Mac with Airplay but just stick to mobile.
    • AirPlayer seems to be something that might do that. It's very beta but might work.

Tips, Picks and more

iOS Tip of the Week

AL: ???

Lion Tip of the Week

  • AI: QuickLook is becoming more available in more applications.
    • Quicklook in Mail is very useful.


= Is there any notification system on Mac OS that is as useful as the one on iOS

  • JS: You might be able to use BoxCar to email you certain events.

Picks of the Week


  • GoToMeeting (offer code: macbreak): Safe money by meeting from the comfort of your home/office.
  • Carbonite (offer code: macbreak): online backup for Mac and PC
  • Smile Software (try it for free for 30 days): PDFpen, PDFpro, Text Expander, etc.

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