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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 269

MacBreak Weekly 269: Good Vibrations

iPhone 4S is out, Siri, Mac OS Ken joins us, and much more...




iPhone 4S Sales

  • LL: Were we wrong thinking it was just a minor upgrade? It's the most sales ever.
  • AI: With smart phone sales there are so many factors that play in.
    • It might have been just the perfect storm and perfect time to launch it.
    • 4 Mio. is simply too many to think it's just Siri that caused this.
  • KR: 75-77% apparently were upgrades.
    • I'm curious to see what they say about the sales on tonights earning calls.
    • I'm wondering if we've seen records sales across the last quarter.
  • AL: A lot of the ones I talked to switch from the 4 to the 4S because of the camera and Siri.
  • Chatroom: You guys just don't understand how people buy phones.
  • KR: I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet, so I personally wait.
  • LL: It's under-clocked at 800 MHz and it's not that much faster than the 4.
  • AI: Except the camera. It really feels faster.

iPhone 4S Siri

  • LL: How about Siri.
  • AL: In only 4 days I can't be without Siri now.
    • I only text with Siri now.
    • It's like using Dragon software. You can use punctuation.
  • LL: The subtle fit and finish that Apple puts on their products is enough for me to choose Apple over something else.
    • But it is much more specific.
  • AL: By staying more focussed on few features it is just making it more stable.
  • LL: And it's only available for the 4S, but why not on the iPad
    • I don't think that there is a technical reason that they can't
    • I believe it will be available eventually for the 4 and the iPad 2
  • KR: Some were saying that the microphone has something to do with it only to be on the 4S
  • LL: Was the Siri app as good as Siri on the 4S?
  • AI: My understanding is that there is nothing that was put into the 4S that would make it special for Siri.
    • The more I use Siri I think it was specifically designed for small devices like the iPhone
    • It might come out on the iPod Touch before it comes out for the iPad 2.
  • KR: But isn't it the beginning of starting to talk to your computer and therefore be usable for all devices?
  • AL: It is frustrating that it is only available on the phone at the moment.
  • KR: It's only been out for 5 days. Give it some time.
  • LL: How do you all use Siri?
  • AL: I use it for dictation because I'm used to Dragon
    • I'm disappointed that it doesn't work with Twitter
    • I also don't like that it cuts me off when I have to think for a second
  • AI: I love that it is so handy.
    • I have the phone sitting next to me and whenever I have a simple question or a task to remind me of I can do it right away.
    • Disappointment is that it is sometimes not very clear how to ask. It's just not exactly like talking to a person.
  • KR: It makes me hate my iPhone 4.
  • AL: Apple is big on quality control and we only see a very, very early version of Siri.
  • KR: It's also about building trust for Apple with the consumer.
    • So when they finally introduce something new people already have a base line.
  • LL: What makes Siri great is the intelligent database behind it
    • It was a great move from Apple to include Wolfram Alpha
    • Do you guys think that this is when we'll look back and say this is when we started talking to computer.
  • AL: Don't you think that because Siri has so many funny responses it makes it more personal.


  • LL: Love the notifications. Something Android has done for a while.
    • You do need to spend some time tweaking the settings, so you don't get too many notifications.
  • AL: I struggled for 6 hours with iCloud
    • I don't think I lost anything, but I also merged everything and had to clean it up later.
    • The number one complaint is: you can't delete individual photos in your photo stream.
  • KR: I agree. I sometimes take several photos to get the best shut. Do I want to keep this for the next 1000 photos. Not really.
  • AI: Camera Plus has its own private photo role and then you can choose what you want to export to the general photo role.
  • AL: It think there are things that Apple will fix sooner or later.
  • LL: I'm using VisiCal and it is really hard to update to iCloud
    • Maybe I need to give up VisiCal and move to iCal
  • LL Is iCal the best calendar app?
  • AL: Certainly not, but what I hate even more is Mail.
    • I use it but I really don't like it.
  • LL: Is this a walled garden?
  • AI: It really depends what you need. For most people it might be OK.

Apple TV and iOS5

  • AL: Wall Street Journal is really bad.
    • They should take it off and regroup.
  • KR: I love watching Hockey live.
    • And Wall Street Journal is not really live.
    • What I like is that there trying something new.
  • LL: It's tough to be a cord-cutter if you don't have live
    • So this is great step into the right direction.
  • KR: I can also use AirPlay to mirror my iPad on it.

Steve Jobs

  • LL: There will also be a memorial at Apple tomorrow
    • And there's been a public memorial with post it notes on Apple stores around the world

Battery Draining Quicker on iOS5? (

  • LL: I didn't find any difference.
  • AI: I have been noticing less battery
    • And I do think it has to do with all the iCloud services
    • I serves to investigate options in regards to what features need to be on and can be turned off.
  • KR: Don McAllistor reset something on his phone and battery life apparently was better

Wi-Fi Sync? (

  • KR: You need to be plugged in to a power source for it to work
  • LL: And you need your computer and iTunes on.

iOS Tip

  • LL: There is a custom vibrate feature
    • Go to your settings, then accessibility, then custom vibrations and turn it on
    • AL: You can also create your own vibrations.
  • LL: Another great tip is that Emojis can be turned on as well.
    • Once turned on you can go to messages and use it.

Lio Tip

  • AI: ???

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