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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 272

MacBreak Weekly 272: iCloud And 4 Letter Words

iPhone 4s Battery Life, iCloud, What happens in 2012, and some more...




Apple: iPhone 4S battery issues due to iOS 5 bugs, update coming

  • CB: Noticed seeing battery problems a number of times.
    • Nobody seems to know what exactly it is.
    • Discovered that every 10 seconds there was a spike in the processor usage.
    • When iCloud was stopped and the spiking stopped, however the drain continued
    • Once the iPhone was reset and restored the problem seemed to have resolved.
    • Apple says that only a very small number of users are having the problem.
    • It seems thought that it not only is the iPhone 4S, but all iOS devices running iOS5
  • AI: Are other iPhones having the same problem?
  • CB: Some people report problems but not necessarily more than with the 4S
  • JG: I started out new, like a new user and everything seemed fine.
    • But I also used other accounts including existing ones.
    • And I don't seem to have seen any battery problems.
    • Then I bought my own iPhone 4S and I had a problem one time but never again.
    • I saw too many people saying turn this or that off, but you're supposed to be able to use all these services, or not?
    • Apple statement this week about bugs is definitely more likely than any of the individual services.
    • And it seems that it is clearly iOS 5 and not any of the others.
  • TE: I haven't had any battery problems and I'm very satisfied?
    • I used to have 3GSs (3 in total), I kept braking the antenna. So, I'm happy with the 4S
    • I think it's great that Apple is characterizing the problems as bugs, because they really seem to address more than just one problem.

Apple iCloud

  • AI: Is there anybody who has not have had any problems?
  • JG: I haven't. I has worked well for me.
  • TE: Personally, iCloud has worked well for me.
    • But I'm hearing from others is that a lot of people really are experience problems.
    • If you have a bunch of Macs then you'll need to upgrade absolutely everything to Lion and iOS 5.
    • So people are not happy about that because everyone is force to do this.
    • We all need to rethink our relationship to our data.
    • We might have to give up some local control for the benefit of the cloud.
    • For example Photo Stream, there is not really a single source anymore from where your photos are coming from, it's all in the cloud now.
    • I've heard that a lot of people have trouble wrapping their head around this new system, but not that it is not working.
  • CB: With all these devices there's legacy data that we have to deal with.
    • My experience is what Tonya is describing.
    • I'm a disorganized person so it is hard for me.
    • To an extend it really is up to me to take all my data, back it up, and reenter it, basically starting fresh.
    • I think my mess is caused by me, not by iCloud.
  • TE: It's also a good idea to do a back up by hand and not only rely on iCloud.
    • Maybe for someone who is new to this, it really is much of a problem.
  • AI: Do you think iCloud should be toned down to a Siri level.
  • JG: Well, Siri is new and iCloud is replacing MobileMe.

Apple in 2012: Possible Danger?

  • AI: I see problems with versioning and iCloud, where I might have an newer app saving into the cloud and an older trying to pick it up.
  • JG: Traditionally, native apps used local storage and web apps use the cloud, some storage out there on a web server.
    • Where Apple is going is that you have native apps but you use cloud storage.
    • If you look at Google Docs you always work with the latest software, so you never run into that problem. But with native software it's different.
  • TE: For example Pages.
    • Pages on the Mac is different to Pages on iOS. You run into Font problems and others that might corrupt the data.
  • AI: I've had conversations with iOS developers that are struggling with the sandboxing rules.
    • Everyone seems to worry about it how these rules are going to work out.
  • JG: It's death by a 1000 paper cuts
    • There probably are many little tools and tricks that expecially viewers of MacBreak Weekly know about and it's questionable if they are going to be working with the new sandboxing rules.

Apple in 2012: What's going to be new?

  • TE: My son would really like it if there would be new hardware coming into the house, because he get's the new stuff.
    • But I'm so full and busy with what I already have, I would not mind if Apple said we're not going to be releasing anything.
    • What Tristan would love, is a small and light Mac that he could bring to school, because the school's Macs are slow and the PCs don't even start up right.
    • I think there's going to be a new iPad in 2012.
  • JG: Apple already said that all the Laptops are eventually going to look like the Air.
    • It's just a matter of production cost at this point.
    • It would shock me if we get to 2012 and we would have new Macbook Pros.
    • With the iPad I am certain that they want to go Retina Display. It's again a question of cost.
  • CB: What I would like to see, personally, I would love to see a new Mac Pro
    • But I think they are going to focus on the iMac instead.
    • I hope they bring out another Mac Pro but I'm not sure if they do.

Tips & Picks

iOS Tip

  • CB: Garage Band 1.1 for iOS (*
    • You can now important sound files.
    • Now you don't have any limitation to the loops you can bring into Garage Band.
    • I can create my own loops and import those or get some online.
  • AI: Use parental control restrictions (from an email by Michael)
    • for example to not be able to turn off 'find my iPhone', etc.

Lion Tip

  • TE: Resume feature
    • In Lion when you relaunch an App whatever was open will open up again.
    • You can turn this off globally in system preferences
    • But for an more individual behavior, you can use the option key with the action you want to do and it will be reverse, e.g. you can close the App by using OPTION+COMMAND+Q to quit and all your documents won't be opened automatically.

Picks of the Week


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