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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 273

MacBreak Weekly 273: iTunes Mismatch

iOS 5.1, iTunes Matche, and more...




iTunes Match: A game-changer for digital music?

  • LL: I'm already having some issues with it.
    • I was listening to music on my iPhone that is not on my iPhone
  • SL: The deal is that with iTunes match, it will remember your original metadata
    • Even if you download the new 256bit version it will not overwrite your metadata
  • LL: Maybe we should wait. It's only been out a day.
  • AI: I jumped into because I'm leaving in 2 days.
    • I have a small library, about 800 songs, and it worked fine, but with some issues.
    • It's really smart to wait for a few weeks like with everything that Apple brings out lately.
  • DM: There won't be many people outside of the US that will have iTunes Match, because you need an US credit card.
  • LL: What I'm concerned about is not streaming, but if I wanted to download everything.
    • I just don't want anything deleted that hasn't been match correctly.
    • Our advice at this point would be to move slowly.
    • Now, my iPhone is unresponsive. Maybe it's the >8000 songs I have in my library.
  • AI: It's not really streaming though, I believe
  • LL: So it'll download the song that I want to listen to and keep it?
  • AI: I'm not sure if it is exactly like that. I've seen it in earlier version but I am not sure if it works like that now.
  • SL: Maybe there is a small cache that keeps a few songs and then pushes the oldest one out when a new one comes in.
    • I don't really care how they do it, as long as my devices don't slow down.
  • LL: My iPhone is still stuck, now for 1/2 hour.
    • Additionally, I have to hard restart quite a bit lately since iOS 5.1
    • To make a point: None of these songs that I'm playing now are on my iPhone, they are only in my iTunes Library on my computer, but it starts playing instantly.
    • (Leo is looking for the song Open Arms)
  • SL: Is there no search feature?
  • AI: Maybe Apple is not confirming that it is streaming because of licensing issues.
  • LL: What's our advice then?
  • SL: If you have a very large library, you might be better off to wait.
  • AI: There's been a lot of products introduce by Apple that just don't have that Apple like feeling anymore.
    • It's often confusing and we have to deal with these little problems.
    • And it's telling that we have to say nowadays that it's better to wait until Apple figures it out.
  • LL: Also, the cloud idea is relatively new. We all need to get used to it.
  • SL: Another problem are AppleIDs. I'm using a different AppleID for my iPad than for my other iOS devices.
  • LL: What's the limitation on how many devices can be synced via the cloud? Is it 5 computers or 5 iOS devices.
  • DM: I think it's 5 computers but no limit to iOS devices.
  • SL: Chatroom rays it's 10 iOS devices.
  • LL: Andy, do you think, people should wait?
  • AI: Yes, they really should wait until these kinks are worked out.
    • It's mostly a case of waiting until the server load has slowed down a bit.
    • In two weeks time it's going to be a much smoother transition.
  • LL: The chatroom didn't cry out too much, didn't they?
    • Somebody says, they had no problems with 6000 songs.
    • Some are waiting, some others are OK as well.
    • iTunes Match is only in the US for now
  • DM: It'll come out later internationally
    • How do people find out that there was a match mistake?
    • I have over 12000 songs and I'm just not able to easily find out which matches are incorrect.
  • LL: What about wanting to listen to a song offline?
    • Can I download a song specifically?
  • SL: It's an interesting question.
    • Some people really care about having the actual files.
    • Others don't care and prefer just downloading it whenever.
  • AI: What I like about the Kindle Fire is that it shows me what is online and what is local.
    • It's when things happen automatically, you loose the connection to what exactly is happening.
  • LL: I'm concerned about which copy is relevant, which one is the master copy, which aren't.
    • Be careful, save your library.
  • AI: I agree, you really need to make sure that you have a backup of your library that is out of reach of iTunes, iCloud, anyone. That's more important than ever.

Amazon Kindle Fire

  • LL: Kindle Fire, $199
    • The reason why we talk about the Fire on a Mac show is because it…
    • It feels really snappy, especially the browser
  • AI: I don't agree with some reviews comparing it to the iPad
    • I don't think it's meant to compete against the iPad
    • The interface, I wouldn't call it snappy. It is a little bit sluggish.
  • LL: It's nice to see some Android apps on it.
  • AI: It comes with about 3 or 4 apps around music.
    • The really spent some time to weed out apps that don't really work with the Fire.
    • They are constantly adding apps. They are working hard on it.
  • LL: It's a full Android device, isn't it?
  • AI: It's a full Android device, but it has been modified for the Fire environment.
    • I spent so many years buying music and books from Amazon, that I really appreciate having the seamless integration.
    • The magazine's really don't convert well to a 7" screen. It really needs some custom design.
  • LL: It's a more device than expected
    • It's only WiFi at the moment. Maybe 3G is coming soon
  • AI: They haven't announced anything about 3G just yet.
    • Also, epub is readable as well.
  • LL: How is the Silk browser?
    • AI: I did a lot of tests around turning the cloud acceleration on and off. I couldn't find a difference to any other browsers out there.
    • The browser connection is secure, so there shouldn't be any issues with using a public WiFi.
  • LL: The Fire does feel a bit clunky, almost like a Blackberry Playbook.
  • AI: It is a different device though (shows on schreen)
    • The comparison to the iPad is obsolete. It is a different device for a different market, and they can co-exist next to each other quite well.
  • SL: The price is really attractive, but then again, there is really not comparison to what Apple app store can offer.
  • DM: I think people buy the iPad because they think it fits into their lifestyle, but with the Fire it's more a niche product.
  • AI: The big advantage it has, it is a Kindle. Everyone thinking about an eBook reader thinks of a Kindle. That's an advantage.
  • SL: The Fire is more of a service than a device. It integrates greatly into the Amazon universe.
  • LL: It's a portal
    • Notice, that it plays Flash.

Flash Is Dead

  • LL: One Adobe manager is claiming Apple to be at fault for the death of Flash.
  • SL: He doesn't say anything new though.
  • LL: I feel bad for Mike Chambers, because he spent the past 12 years developing mobile flash.
    • He's sure there will be jobs lost over that.
  • AI: There needs to be a lot that needs to go their way in order to save Flash.
    • I'm glad it's dead because it gets rid of all these unnecessary flash sites out there. No longer do we have to waste our time watching a hand moving in to light a candle before we can access the menu in a restaurant.
    • I don't Apple so much credit for killing flash, but I do give them credit for pushing HTML 5 in order to make it possible to run apps smoothly on all devices.
  • LL: And I also don't see it on the desktop anymore.
  • AI: Netflix is running Silverlight.
  • LL: And Microsoft is thinking about killing Silverlight.
  • DM: It's a bit far stretched to say Apple is responsible for Flash's death.

MacBook Pro Air?

  • LL: MacBook Airs are hugely successful, 25% of all laptop sales.
  • DM: The Pro does suggest more power and expandability. It'll be interesting to see what will come out.
    • I used my MacBook Air 11", 256GB SSD, top processor and I was doing work with Final Cut Pro on it and aside from rendering I was quite happily working with it without problems.
  • AI: It's a tougher sell on the PC side.
    • If Apple says we are selling you a laptop for $999, we're all excited
    • But you get a little laptop for $400 and that is a big difference.
  • LL: For the Pro thought, we need some Pro stuff, don't we?
  • AI: The only two things people tell me about they really need is a rack for more drives and a slot for special interfaces and accelerators.
    • Apple's response is that that all will be available with thunderbolt.
    • We'll see what the Mac Pro is going to look like
    • I can see that Apple keeps the design and just does processor upgrades.
  • DM: The problem with the Mac Pro is that it is over-engineered.
    • Everything has to be there, fans, power supply, etc.
    • Once you have all the expansion devices in a black box via thunderbolt, we really don't need the big box anymore. It would all fit in a mac mini.

OS X Lion Adoption Rate Slow

  • LL: Only 16% adoption is very low. What does that mean?
  • DM: It's hard to believe it's only 16%.
    • I know that some people are upset about some of the changes in Lion.
    • I'm just not sure about what the issue is.
  • AI: A lot of users can't just upgrade to Lion directly. They have to upgrade to Snow Leopard first.
  • LL: Maybe Lion is Apple's Windows Vista.
  • SL: It took me forever to get going with the upgrade.
    • But once I've done it, I was really happy.
  • DM: Some people are a bit upset about removing Save As…, but there are some work arounds for that.

iOS 5.1 Issues?

  • LL: I'm having a lot of problems after installing 5.1 on my devices.
  • AI: My experience is that it has improved.
  • DM: I also have good experiences with the upgrade.
  • SL: I'm not having any issues.

Tips & Picks

iOS Tip

  • SL: Mail is archiving emails by default.
    • You can change that by going into your mail settings, choose the account and set your archive settings to off, then the default will be delete instead of archive.

Lion Tip

  • AI: In Finder when you hit CMD+N you get a new finder window.
    • If you go into your finder preferences, you can choose the default for that new window.

Picks of the Week


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  • Gazelle sell your used gadget
  • Smile Software (try it for free for 30 days): PDFpen, PDFpro, Text Expander, etc.

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