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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 274

MacBreak Weekly 274: Touch My Buttons

The Steve Jobs Biography, Apple TV plans, new MacBook Airs?, and much more...




Steve Jobs Biography Review

  • JS: The book itself explains why Isaacson thinks Jobs chose him.
  • AI: It takes 10 to 20 years until you really can tell how good a biography is.
    • I agree with the review that it is not the most technical biography, but I still think it's enjoyable.
  • LL: Winer says that it's like writing a romance without never having experienced love.
  • JS: The reality is that there will be many books about Steve Jobs.
    • There's probably a whole book in 'The 2nd reign of Jobs at Apple'
  • LL: It would be nice if Isaacson released the interviews.
    • I really like the book, there's really some great material in it.
  • AI: And it's the first ever published book about and around him.
    • There's isn't any way to define this book as an important book.
  • JS: John Gruber had a very different idea how the book should have been about and that's why he's not happy.
  • LL: Dave Winer has an axe to grind. If the book doesn't meet his expectations he won't like the book.
  • AI: He is very black and white.

Steve Jobs wanted iPhone on its own network, carrier-free

  • LL: Steve Jobs wanted a WiFi network for the iPhone. He was probably just too early for that to happen, but it could happen not too far out.
  • JS: Jobs always questioned how things are done and was willing to break with traditions.

Steve Jobs on an Apple Television: No Need for 'All These Complicated Remote Controls']

  • LL: 70% of iPad use it done in front of TV.
  • JS: And you are using it early in the morning and late at night in bed.
  • LL: Siri might bring something new by being able to talk to the TV.
    • It would eliminate the need for buttons.
  • AI: There are times when you really want the buttons, because pressing a button is easier then giving Siri a command.
  • AI: It'll be important to get everyone on port of an Apple TV as much as they did with iTunes.

How Long Before the MacBook Air Is Half of Apple’s Notebook Business?

  • JS: The question of how big the MacBook Air is will eventually go away.
  • LL: We've hear the rumors that by 2012 we'll see a 15" Air.
  • JS: I do think, we'll have a 15" with the same or similar form factor. If they call it Air or not, we'll see.
  • AI: We'll may be seeing it in May 2012.
    • But there still will be some differences to a MacBook Pro
    • Apple made a statement that they are defining the default Apple Laptop to be the Air.
    • I'm not surprised that it sells so well. I think it's because of the $999 price tag and that there is no other option.
  • JS: I have the 11" and I don't think that I need all this space anymore. It's the first time where I have gone down in need of space.
  • AI: I think it's a generational thing. There's now a whole generation having grown up with cloud services like Google Docs etc., so for them it'll be a different decision making process.
  • JS: I think it'll be a 2 year transition for the MacBook Pros to be transitions into the Air.


  • LL: iCloud is still not there yet, isn't
  • AI: It'll probably take 2 years for it to be working well.
  • JS: I agree, there's a lot that I'm missing

AT&T’s iPhone 4S is Tops for Web Browsing, Verizon’s for Hanging Onto Calls

  • JS: I can confirm that finding. ATT is faster on data, and Verizon is better on calls.
  • AI: The fastest 3G speeds always go to ATT (let's not count 4G)

Nielsen Survey: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone are the three most desired consumer products among kids this holiday season

  • JS: Is this all about an attitude?
  • AI: Remember when the iPad came out, how many negative reviews it got?
    • iPad is not Netbook, and the Kindle Fire is not an iPad, Amazon didn't try to make an iPad
  • LL: I think the Kindle Fire is great, I have the Nook and they are very similar.
  • AI: You have more storage on the Nook but you also need more storage because of how it is set up.
  • LL: If you are one of these kids that want an iPad and you'll get a Fire, I don't think you'd be happy.

Apple airs new iPad 2 “Love” ad, showcasing how the tablet is used in daily lives

  • AI: What a great central message.
  • LL: MG Siegler is saying that we are in the post speed world.
  • JS: The Fire ads are also similar in that they are focussing less on mentioning specific features.
  • LL: When I saw the iPad in 2010, I immediately thought, this is why Apple was formed in order to bring this out. Technology has finally caught up.
  • AI: I agree, the iPad is really the Mac that Apple always wanted to build.


  • You can get a free book by signing up. You can keep it forever even if you don't choose to stay with Audible.


The Virgin in the Ice: The Sixth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael by Ellis Peters (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Patrick Tull

Tips & Picks

iOS Tip

Lion Tip

  • AI: It's actually an iTunes Match Tip.
    • I'm not locked into iTunes at all. I barely buy anything through iTunes.
    • If you are using any other services to purchase your music, as soon as you put it into your iTunes library iTunes match will find it and make it available.
    • So you could buy an album through Amazon MP3, put it into your iTunes library and you'll have access to it through iTunes Match.
    • I'm very happy about this, it's totally worth $25/year.
  • LL: Why are we paying for it year by year.
  • JS: I wrote about this. If you only want to match it ones, you could do it only once, but the sync features is not an iCloud but an iTunes Match specific features, so you'd have to pay for it.
  • JS: iTunes Match is a really interesting product but Apple has done a terrible job explaining it.
  • AI: I agree, the past couple of month Apple has really done a terrible job in educating the public about their products.
  • JS: A great article about how to upgrade tracks to iTunes match: *

Picks of the Week


National Novel Writing Month


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  • Hover (offer code: macbreak): domain name registration

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