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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 275

MacBreak Weekly 275: Steve Jobs – The Opera

Lots of Mac rumors, why Leo has balloons over his head, and much more…




15-inch MacBook Air coming in Q1, says DigiTimes

  • LL: I just bought an 11" Air, so the rumor must be true.
  • KR: What's going to be great about the 15", it's going to be thinner, lighter and it'll have an SSD.
  • LL: Apple has been early with a lot of interesting moves: dropping the floppy drive, dropping fire wire, dropping the optical drive. It seems that have been right with these moves.
  • AI: The 15" will have more real estate for more battery life. It might be the first 10 hour laptop.
    • There's a rumor that Samsung is leaving the netbook business.

Tablet Survey

  • KR: Did you see the survey about how tablets are doing besides the iPad?
  • LL: Amazon is saying that the fire is flying out like crazy.
  • AI: They are claiming that it is in the millions which would be impressive.
  • LL: There's no question that the Fire is going to be a success. It's the first good Android tablet and it'll be in the millions by the end of the year.
    • I do think that the Fire is a good product.

MacBook Air Docking Station

  • LL: I don't know if I need a docking station for my Air.
    • It doesn't even have thunderbolt.

ATT & T-Mobile

Apple Nipping at Target’s Heels for Fourth Most-Visited Site on Black Friday

75% of Apple stores sold out of iPhone 4S on Black Friday, iPad sales up 68%

A Look At Apple's Spot-the-Shopper Technology

'Letters to Steve' collects emails from Apple co-founder

Steve Jobs Biography

  • LL: The biography gets a lot of criticism.
  • AI: I agree and disagree with the criticism, but there must be a lot of decisions that have been made in regards to what is going into the book and what not.
    • I'm sure there's more material to be published later.
    • I don't think it's the book that is serving history but it serves the mass market.
  • KR: It's kind of an airplane book, isn't it. I'm only half way through myself.
    • In the book it goes very quickly from Steve Jobs garage to the board room.
    • You really want to get more information on the details around that growth.
    • As Andy said, this book is a general consumer book.
  • LL: I also think it's for the general public. The good stuff is going to come.

Aaron Sorkin considers writing 'Steve Jobs' movie

  • KR: I hope that the movie happens.
    • Some say that Sorkin is the wrong person to do this.
  • LL: He apparently hates the internet.
    • Even his portrayal of Zuckerberg wasn't really pleasant.
  • AI: The movies will probably based on facts but not all the facts.
  • LL: How much more interesting that the Social Network is this movie going to be?
    • I want to see it as an opera.
    • Steve Jobs, the Broadway musical.

Steve Jobs Exhibit on Display at U.S. Patent Office Museum

Ad of the Day: Apple iPod Touch TBWA reminds parents that the iPhone, and its pricey data plan, isn't the only option for their teens

How 3D ads will make their way on to your phone

March Launch for Slightly Thicker iPad 3? iPhone with 4-Inch Screen in Summer?

  • LL: I'm not sure if 4 inch is really that important.
    • But there's certainly a market for it.
    • From the developers point of view it matters only if the resolution changes.
  • KR: There's a story out of the UK that said that Apple's sales are up regardless of the larger screens.
    • I don't think bigger screens are pushing the market.
    • So, it's hard for me to see why Apple would want to do a 4 inch screen.
    • Andy's point though is interesting. What if the 4 inch screen will be cheaper to produce than the smaller one.
  • AI: If there is anybody who won't buy an iPhone because of the screen size has probably not been interesting in getting an iPhone in the first place.
  • LL: The new Galaxy Nexus has a much better resolution and I think that people will want more.
  • AI: I don't think it'll be about watching HD movies on the phone but it'll be about more detail.
  • KR: Looking at changing the phone would be going in the wrong direction.
    • What they are doing is building an eco system.
    • A better thing for Apple to do is to focus on their eco system and make them better.
  • LL: I'm not impressed with iCloud yet.
    • They haven't showed a mastery of their software products as they have of their hardware sector.

Apple Looking For More Senior Executives To Help Run iCloud [Report]

  • LL: I see the world moving to wards bigger screens, the cloud, etc.
    • And I fear that Apple is going to be left behind.
    • The iPhone is the last small premium phone.
  • AI: But that's OK, Apple has never been dictate to.
    • They are still making a compelling product.
  • LL: If you can't do cloud and can't do social, It'll be hard to keep up in the future, regardless of how great the hardware is.
  • AI: I wished that Apple would at least experiment with the idea of having a subscription model.
  • LL: I guess what I'm really saying is that Apple is running the risk of being locked into Jobs.
    • You need to have your feelers out for what the consumer want.
  • AI: A good decision from two years or even two weeks ago, may not be the right one still.

Apple Moves Production to Sharp for TV Debut, Jefferies Says

Apple Founding Contract Job Signed Could Sell for $150,000

Tips & Picks

Lion Tip

  • AI: If you wanted to have a different login screen, you used to have a hack in order to do that.
    • In Lion: Go into Security/Privacy Preferences you can add a custom message if your screen is locked.
    • I believe it's brand new for Lion.

Picks of the Week

  • KR: *ZooGue iPad Case (not the prettiest one) that sits on any angle you want to, from $49.99
  • AI: *Prey Device tracking, from $0


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