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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 276

MacBreak Weekly 276: 2 Kerfuffles, 3 Lawsuits and a Whistle

Some lawsuits, Apple TV, Apple Store Grand Central, and some more...




Siri features we'd like to see

Apple will remove carrier IQ

  • CB: I don't know if people are going to be happy when instead of a computer a human being is going to help with the request.
    • What about embarrassing searches? People might not want a human to complete such a request.
    • We understand that Google, Facebook are tracking our searches and our queries. But with it being our own phone we are entering a new unexplored area.
    • Our legislation that would have the power to restrict access to this information, usually don't know what is going on.
  • AI: Maybe we are going to see a time where these issues with carrier IQ are getting more public attention.
    • With Apple the issue was really that the information collected wasn't secured properly.
  • DM: Had Apple been found to be on the current iOS 5 phones, the story would probably getting a lot more attention.
  • AE: My understanding is that the EU has stricter regulations around that issue, don't they?
  • DM: This issue has been more in the tech news than anywhere else.
  • AE: Would it be handled differently by the EU, maybe with a bit more seriousness.
  • AI: I think it'll be important that companies respond to it very quickly.
    • If you decide to turn it off on your phone it will delete all the data is has been collecting so far.

Apple Fails to Win U.S. Injunction Against Samsung

  • CB: I can see that there are friendly relationships between Apple and Samsung.
    • I makes sense to me that it's going to cannibalize Android devices rather than Apple devices.
    • It's Apple against everyone else.
  • AI: Apple is usually very protective about their technology.
  • AE: The whole 'Apple is weak and needs all the protection it can get' is just laughable.
    • Apple is going to compete and filing law suits like all the big ones.
    • It's all a game. Even news is not news anymore. News is quite often used as a gaming platform for companies.
  • AI: Android get less easy to make fun of recently. Is Apple trying to be a bit more proactive?
  • DM: Apple is a strategic player. It's not only the next 3 months but rather years that they are looking at.
    • Lots of these licensing deals are surely done with great purpose.
    • I don't see it being Apple and Android fans. There are such different communities. It's probably more the 'fan boys' that stick to their brand of choice.
  • AI: Apple has a lot to protect. They are the dominant music retailer, their hardware business is still the most important part of their business.
    • Apple might have more to protect over the next few years.
  • DM: Apple has a pretty good lead thought. At least a couple of years. It is a catch-up race at the moment and as long as Apple keeps innovating they will keep the advantage.
  • AE: Amazon is a player to look at. They are using DRM to look people into their eco system.
  • AI: Apple will continue to skim the premium market, Amazon will stick to the ones that don't have great expectations and the rest falls to the general Android market.
    • An analyst says that Apple believes that the Fire is the perfect tool to keep the Android market off-balance.
  • AE: The only things I see that the Fire is doing exclusively, is the Amazon Movie and the free ???.
    • Everything else is available in the Kindle App.
    • I don't think it's a bad device but I find it uninspired.
  • GB: I use it for reading. I have an iPhone, an iPad and now a Fire.
    • And maybe this is the dumbest reason to spend $200, the iPad is just too heavy.
    • I like it for all the reasons Amazons calls it a Kindle.
    • If I compared it to the iPad I don't like it.
  • AI: The least favorite part about the Fire for me is that all publications are just PDFs which I have to scroll around in.
    • Then Barnes & Noble with the Nook seems a lot faster and the magazines have been reformated for 7 inch screens. You just have to do it.
    • The Fire is just too painful to use.
  • AE: I use the chroma case for the iPad that has a built-in stand which solves the problem of holding it for me.
  • DM: A new Kickstarter project allows the use of the iPad handsfree (??? link)

Apple iTV to Come in Three Sizes [RUMOR]

  • AE: We finally broke down and bought our first TV since 1990.
    • It was fascinating to see how complicated it was to buy a TV.
    • Prices were not bad, we got a 50" Plasma for $800.
    • I see what Apple is doing as simplifying.
  • DM: The thing that swayed me was that with Apple's philosophy to have consumers experience the whole experience, an Apple TV makes sense by having the complete device creating the complete experience.
  • AI: I hooked up a Boxee Box for review.
    • I connect it to my Sling Box that is connected to my cable upstairs. Then I get a picture but no sound or vice versa.
    • Having one device that is easy to use would be great.
  • CB: I think, if Apple comes out with a TV, they really have to change our understanding of how a TV works around. It just needs to be simple to use.
    • I can see that it would come with real apps…
    • I also think that we are going to have more of a a-la-carte experience, which the big guys like Comcast won't like, who sell us plans with 1000 stations that nobody watches.

Grand Central Apple Store Opens Friday at 10am

Tips & Picks

iOS Tip

  • DB: When creating folders and dropping in icons the folder is moving around and it gets worse when you want to organize icons over several pages.
    • The Tip: put the folder in the doc, then it'll be fixed and you can change pages easily.

Lion Tip

  • DM: With the new Lion version (10.7.2) you can reorder the spaces in Mission Control.
    • Also, you can now assign a key-stroke to each desktop

Picks of the Week


More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by John Hodgman


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