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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 286

MacBreak Weekly 286: One More Fing

Apple is now bigger than Microsoft and Google… and Sweden…




Does Tweeting Make You Sexier?

Saint Valentine

iPad 3 event pegged for March 7 (rumor)

  • ME: I have a theory.
    • The Wall Street Journal is pretty good in predicting these kind of things.
  • LL: All Things D said it's going to be in the first week of March
  • AL: My son is requesting Facetime every time I'm gone
  • AI: I'm not sure if it'll be all about Facetime.
    • The can only improve the cameras.
    • Facetime was going to be a much bigger deal than it turn out to be.
    • Facetime doesn't seem to be a feature that the consumer seem to want right now.
  • LL: They put a better camera in the notebooks.
  • AL: Yes, but they are still not good.
    • The Logitech Z-910 is probably the best camera in its class right now.
  • ME: They way I think Apple thinks.
    • They see a lot of excitement around social networking.
    • They see kids getting together, take a picture and upload it to Facebook.
    • Apple doesn't have anything like that yet.
    • Facetime might become the answer to that lack.
    • However, I don't see the carriers being able to handle it.
  • LL: I want a better camera in the new iPad.
    • Maybe a 5 MP like in the iPhone 4S but definitely a better front facing camera.
    • Maybe that's what the announcement is about. A better camera and a hang out place.
  • LL: I don't think they are going to allow 3/3G access though.
    • Retina display makes a lot of sense. We've seen 4x resolutions around the net which would suggest such a move.

"A quad-core iPad 3? Not so fast

Next-gen iPads with LTE and an 8" version in testing? Magic WSJ-ball says "yes"

The Real Reasons Apple Will Ship a 7-Inch iPad

  • AI: I don't think that a smaller iPad is a real possibility.
    • I'm sure that Apple is working on one just to play with the idea and be ready in case the market shifts.
    • However, the consumers don't seem to ask for a smaller iPad.
    • Apple seems to be convinced that the people who are buying a 7 inch table would not buy an iPad anyway, even if it was smaller.
  • LL: You're point is that Apple is testing stuff all the time.
  • AI: Yes, and right now I don't see a reason for Apple to produce a smaller iPad.
  • AL: But what about a lower price range?
  • AI: That's why I think Apple would focus on producing a cheaper iPad but not while reducing the screen size.
  • LL: I think Apple needs a low-cost item for schools, so that they can sell the text books.
    • It might be even worth giving it away.

iPad 3 to Pave Way for 1080p iTunes Content and a New Apple TV?

  • LL: It would make sense that they go 1080p
  • AL: Maybe a camera as well? For Facetime.
  • ME: The future of iTV or Television will be remote controllable by every iOS device, content will be in the cloud, not locally stored.
    • There is no question that they continue to make it easier to use these devices.
  • AL: What Apple hasn't done yet is the possibility to interconnect the content. A lot of us watch TV but use the iPad or iPhone at the same time. A better integration of the both would be a next step.
  • AI: I think this year is the year of the AppleTV.
    • They might be able to finally clarify what this device is. Getting away from the hobby.
  • LL: Will they do live TV? That's the one thing cord cutters lose.
  • ME: Live TV is one option but simultaneous TV is another.
  • LL: There are a few apps that can give you a live experience.
  • AI: Apple's only solution to live content would probably only be to integrate the TV signal into their experience.
    • Otherwise, they'd have to get into negotiations with all providers.

Apple to Live Stream Audio of Tim Cook's Speech at Goldman Sachs Conference Tomorrow (Today)

Apple shares hit $500 and keep going (on Monday)

Apple-sparked 'App Economy' created 466K U.S. jobs in 4 years

DOJ clears Apple-Microsoft-RIM deal to buy Nortel patents

NPD: Apple dominated consumer electronics sales in 2011

Report: Apple forcing contract manufacturer Pegatron to choose sides, give up Asustek Zenbook orders

TuneCore: iTunes Match royalties appearing ‘out of thin air’, $10,000 in two months

Eddy Cue Accepts Special Grammy Award Honoring Steve Jobs

First third-party inspections of Chinese factories assembling Apple products begin

Tips & Picks

iOS Tip

  • iPhone Canera: when you tap then the focus changes.
    • If you tap and hold it will lock that focus

Lion Tip

Picks of the Week


  • GoToMeeting (offer code: macbreak): Safe money by meeting from the comfort of your home/office.
  • Carbonite (offer code: macbreak): online backup for Mac and PC
  • Smile Software (try it for free for 30 days): PDFpen, PDFpro, Text Expander, etc.

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  • Show notes: Jean-Marie Schweizer (Bushgeek)

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