MacBreak Weekly 288

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 288

MacBreak Weekly 288:

Invitations start arriving for the Apple Event next week, and much more...




Apple Event on March 7

  • JS: If Apple is following the pattern, then an iPad 3 would be available around March 17.
  • LL: The only thing the invitation tells us is that it most likely will have a Retina display.
    • Another rumor is that it would be $80 more… (AI: yes, some Chinese blog said that)
  • AL: Do we think that it's going to be $399 or $299.
  • AI: If Apple is ever going cheaper than they would probably only go down to $399 or maye $349.
    • Also, if they drop the price they will not be able to raise it ever again.
  • AL: On of the reasons why we might see a size increase is because of storage requirements.
    • We might see a 128 GB iPad.
  • AI: The inpact of a Retina display would already be noticable on apps like iBooks and the Kindle app.
  • LL: Could they make Retina displays across the boards, incl. laptops, cinema display, etc.


Photoshop touches down on the iPad

Apple Shareholders Meeting: No News, No Complaints, No Dividend

Confronting a Law Of Limits

Apple Riding High, but for How Long?

Microsoft Office for iPad expected in coming weeks

Mountain Lion threatens Facebook and Microsoft

Apple Explains iCloud in New Ad [VIDEO]

Apple Acquires Chomp; App Store Search And Discovery To Be Completely Revamped

$1.29 Can’t Buy Me Love, but it will get me the ringtone

iPhone User Awarded $850 in Judgment Against AT&T Over Throttling

Tips & Picks

iOS Tip

  • JS: ???

MacOS Tip

Lion Tip

  • AI: Use Preview to sign your document with the annotation.
    • There is a great widget that allows your to sign a card, hold it up to the camera and it captures your signature and stores it for future reference.

Picks of the Week


Production Information

  • Edited by:
  • Show notes: Jean-Marie Schweizer (Bushgeek)

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