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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 291

MacBreak Weekly 291: The Black Blood of the Earth

The NEW iPad, Tim Cook's conference call, spanking Mr. Daisey, and much more...




Apple Is Rich

Apple to spend $45B of cash on dividend, share buyback

  • LL: We always knew that Apple had $100 Mio. in cash, but we didn't know that most of it is somewhere overseas.
    • So it seems that Apple has been putting some of it profits abroad to avoid corporate taxes.
    • Spending $45 Billion dollars is more than the US cash reserves… :-)
  • RS: But because they are spending this money over time, they will actually end up with more money in the bank than what they have now.
  • LL: There's a lot they could do with that money though, e.g. buying the music industry, etc.

With dividend, Tim Cook thinks differently about Apple

Apple stocks finishes above $600 for first time$600-for-first-time/?part=rss&subj=news&tag=title

The NEW iPad

Apple moves 3 million third-generation iPads over launch weekend

  • LL: We heard in November that manufacturing has wrapped up last November already, which would explain why they didn't run out this time.
  • AI: Also, the glue for the screen has to cure for a while, 2 or 3 weeks, in order to avoid the bleeding problem.

AT&T sets single-day record for iPad sales, activations

New iPad Overheating?

  • AI: Apple tolerance might be 93 or 94 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • LL: The way to test it is to play a very power hungry game and hold the iPad at it's lower third.
  • AI: If I'm reading everything is fine, but as soon as I use it with flash after 10 minutes it gets really hot.

The new iPad teardown surprises

Verizon iPad found to be compatible with AT&T's 3G network

The American Life

'This American Life' Retracts Show on Foxconn Working Conditions over Fabricated Claims

  • LL: Is Mike Daisey off the hook by saying he is not a journalist.
  • AI: Not at all. If you are going on a news radio using them for publicity you should be aware that people might take what you are saying as truth.
    • You can't just come after the fact and say it was all art.
  • RS: I agree… One of the tragic things is that he caused a loss of credibility in the issue due to his performance.

Woz supports Mike Daisey's message and says you should too


==== Apple launches ‘Answers from the community’ support listings on product pages

Microsoft's Metro: Does it need iTunes to thrive?

Apple loses final ITC ruling against Motorola Mobility: preliminary finding of no violation affirmed

Tips & Picks

MacOS Tip

  • AI: Mac Preview
    • Select several images in the finder and open them in preview.
    • Not only will they be opened but also put together in a collection
    • and in fullscreen mode you can browse through them from page to page
    • saves time as opposed to writing a keynote presentation, etc.

Picks of the Week

Production Information

  • Edited by:
  • Show notes: Jean-Marie Schweizer (Bushgeek)

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