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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 294

MacBreak Weekly 294:

Instagram sold for 1 Billion, Flashback Virus, and much more...




Exclusive: Facebook Deal Nets Instagram CEO $400 Million

  • LL: Are they worth it, Ken?
  • KR: How can you possibly say?
    • Mark Zuckerberg had 150,000 likes on his post.
    • I heard that a lot of people have already quit.
    • I'm concerned with the UI experience.
    • I haven't look at my Facebook page in two weeks, so I'm sure how it's going to look like now.
  • LL: A lot of this are also called acq-hires.
    • Companies purchasing the talent, not the company.
  • CM: I see it a bit more globally.
    • I don't think that much is going to chance.
    • I don't want the UI to change at all. I'm with Ken on this point.
    • But I do see a benefit of combining both Facebook and Instagram
  • LL: I do have a concern of something like Instagram being acquired by a big company like Facebook.
    • It just loses a personal touch.
  • KR: Did anyone expect Facbeook to buy Instagram for 1 Bio. dollars? No!
    • How are they making their money?
  • LL: Somebody said that Instagram sold too soon.
    • If someone is giving me a billion dollards, I"m going to sell it!
  • LL: Mark Zuckerberg says that they are commited to grow Instagram independently and keep the experience as is.
    • Why didn't Apple go after Instagram?
  • KR: Why would they, though?
    • They already have the experience in UI and usability.
  • CM: I'm reminded what Steve Jobs said to the Dropbox folks: Remember, you are just a utility.
    • So, Instagram… It's a photo app. Is it really worth 1 billion?
  • LL: Steve Jobs says: Dropbox is a feature, not a product. Apple offered 800 million dollards. Dropbox turn them down.


  • CM: Let's not forget tagging, which is used in Facebook. I can't see that they wouldn't want to adapt that option to Instagram.
  • LL: There is a link to be used to delete you Instagram account:
  • AI: Part of this deal must have been to keep Instagram to be going into somebody else's hands.
    • Google would have been a contender. Yahoo would probably have loved to have the money to buy them.
    • The fact that Yahoo bought Flickr so long ago and they didn't develop it into a mobile app, just shows what can happen when big companies take over.
  • KR: Why is it so important to take Instagram off the street?
  • AI: I have to admit, I didn't understand the 1/2 billion dollar evaluation and certainly not the 1 billion dollar purchase price.
    • Taking the features of Instagram and integrade it into the existing Facebook might just keep them up-to-date.
    • I do agree that I don't see 1/2 billion let alone 1 billion dollars out of this investment.
  • CM: Maybe the UI of Instagram doesn't chance but the one of Facebook.
  • AI: I don't think that Instagram will have much to say in about a year.
  • LL: Who will be the next big purchase?
    • Is it going to be path? Because of the privacy feature?
    • Or is that the reason why nobody would want to buy them.
  • CM: All the geo location data that Facebook owns now is in fact worth a lot of money, thinking of location based advertising.
  • LL: How private is your geo location?
  • KR: I don't know how to answer that.
  • LL: Do you hide your location?
  • KR: No, but I don't really think about this that much.
  • CM: In certain siutations I'm very open about my location, but sometimes I'm not, e.g. holidays.
    • With Path I don't think about that.
  • AI: I'm very concerned about geo location not only because of myself but also the people I hang out with.
    • I have 60,000 Twitter followers and might be devestating to release my location publicly.

T-Mobile makes a statement on AT&T’s unlocking: ‘Bring ‘em on and save a lot of money!’

Analyst cuts AAPL rating on iPhone subsidy backlash, estimates $1B earnings miss

  • CM: There's some kernel of truth to that if I look at my new Nokia.
  • LL: They lunched their new phone on Easter Sunday when nobody is open.
  • CR: Somebdy was saying that that move was smart because if sales are not good they can say that it was because of Easter Sunday.
  • CM: I like the phone, but there is a big lack in great apps. Even IE doesn't work without problems.
    • It seems like that certain websites, even designed for mobile devices, sometimes load extremely low.
  • LL: Does anyone even has a chance besides to iPhone?
  • AI: I see plenty of iPhone and I see a lot of Android phones as well. Microsoft might have the market to push into that obviously wants options.

Apple's 'iPanel' called 'far more than a TV,' expected to launch in 2012

Researchers Confirm Flashback Trojan Infects 600,000 Macs, Used For Click Fraud

Steve Jobs really was mad about Android, says biographer =

New iPhone to debut in October, Foxconn employee says

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