MacBreak Weekly 325

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 325

MacBreak Weekly 325: Calm down, have a cookie

iPhone 5S, the future of Springboard, HTC and Apple drop patents, and more.


  • Leo's on vacation for the MacMania 15 cruise, so Sarah is here to guest host!


Apple and HTC patent settlement

Apple PR Andy: Could be a signal of changing strategy on Apple's part. Litigating these cases can be a drain on resources

Apple pays Swiss railway operator for iPad clock design

All Things D

Eddy Cue joins Ferrari board of directors


Apple grants select employees 2 weeks per year for personal projects

Wall Street Journal

  • Jason: Not nearly as extensive as Google's 20% time policy

Samsung reportedly raises prices for Apple chip manufacturing by 20%


  • Jason: Samsung may have decided that they won't be an Apple supplier in the future, and decided to make more money while they can
  • Andy: Reasons for the markup aren't entirely clear

Judge considering questions on jury foreman in Samsung v. Apple trial


Apple to pay Samsung's court costs in UK case


iPhone 5S rumors already ramping up


  • DigiTimes claims a 5S could be released in the spring
  • Jason: Normally easy to disregard rumors of quicker release cycles, but iPad 4th-gen puts that into question
  • Rene: One rumor is that iPhone 5 manufacturing difficulties is leading Apple to ramp-up 5S design

Apple's dual-mode headphone/speaker patent

Patently Apple

Microperforation patent for Apple logos on MacBooks


Business Insider: "It's Time For Apple To Unleash A Major Software Overhaul"


  • Jason: Having Ive/Federighi/Cue in charge of software could mean a new approach
  • Rene: Once Blackberry 10 comes out, iOS will be the oldest major smartphone OS
  • Andy: Apple will be challenged to push the medium forward, especially since competitors have moved away from imitating iOS and are taking their own approaches.

Picks of the Week


  • GoToMeeting
  • American Express
  • Squarespace
  • Gazelle

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