MacBreak Weekly 326

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 326

MacBreak Weekly 326: It All Comes Down to AC/DC

Multitouch on MacOS, how's iCloud working out, how committed are we to Mac, and more.




AC/DC Now on iTunes

Apple PR

  • Chris: Some artists still holding out against digital music sales on principle, but AC/DC just the latest to be swayed by the size of the download market.

Apple having another Black Friday sale


  • Rene: Resellers often have better deals

iPad mini LTE models arriving in stores


Nokia releases HERE maps app of iOS


  • Andy: Essentially gives you back what you lost with iOS 6 maps
  • Chris: Most users will probably stick with iOS 6 maps and not bother seeking out alternatives

Apple provides iBooks section for Flipboard

The Next Web

  • Tonya: Discoverability in digital storefronts is more difficult for publishers compared to physical bookstores, where you can have more control over the presentation of materials. Online, there's no guarantee that metadata, emphasis, or images will be carried over or presented properly in a given app or on a given website.
  • Andy: Unusual for Apple to partner with a third-party app in order to promote its storefront.

Siri and Maps coming to next version of OS X?


iTunes Match, Facetime, and iMessage experience downtime


  • Chris: "Criminy" is a word that can apply to pretty much any internet-based Apple service ever

Rene: It's easier for Google to hire designers to create better UX than it is for Apple to improve its cloud infrastructure

New iMac release may or may not be delayed


  • DigiTimes claims a 5S could be released in the spring
  • Jason: Normally easy to disregard rumors of quicker release cycles, but iPad 4th-gen puts that into question
  • Rene: One rumor is that iPhone 5 manufacturing difficulties is leading Apple to ramp-up 5S design

Picks of the Week


  • Ford
  • American Express
  • Audible

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