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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 328

MacBreak Weekly 328: The Thinnest iTunes Ever

We've got the full panel today, talking about the new iTunes and more.




iTunes 11 finally released

  • Andy: One big feature removed is the ability to have a playlist open in a separate window
  • Rene: Interface is updated, but internally it's pretty much the same.
  • Leo: It's a redesign, not a rewrite... not enough to get me to use it again.
  • Andy: Music store previews continue if you browse somewhere else
  • Andy: Default view is a grid of album art... doesn't really fit collections that only have a few tracks from a given album.
  • Andy: Installed iTunes 11 on a Samsung Windows 8 tablet... really suits touch-based input well
  • Leo: You can now redeem iTunes gift cards by scanning them with your camera

iTunes gift cards now with variable pricing


$35,000 home theater for first run movies


Should Apple fund feature films to get more leverage over movie studios?

Netflix signs distribution deal with Disney


Apple ahead of Samsung in ad impressions, but not market share


Not easy for Apple to switch away from Samsung for ARM chips?


Apple now owns patent for page turn animation

New York Times

  • Everyone agrees it's emblematic of a broken patent system
  • "Patents of mass destruction" - Rene

Apple reportedly hiring former Texas Instruments engineers

The Next Web

Apple selling unlocked iPhone 5

  • Leo recommends the Verizon iPhone 5 instead, since it's also an unlocked GSM phone for use on other networks. Make sure to check that the supported GSM frequencies on the phone match those for network you want to use, though.
  • Rene: Even if the frequencies match, LTE won't work on the iPhone if Apple hasn't approved that carrier's LTE network for use with the iPhone

iPhone 5 arriving in 50 more markets by December 7

The Next Web

T-Mobile expanding iPhone-compatible 3G service to more markets

  • Leo: Only a handful of markets currently support 3G for the iPhone. [T-Mobile is actively running trials in many more areas. This map tracks reports of 3G sightings by customers. -Roy]

iPad periodical The Daily shuts down


21.5" iMac disassembled


Gmail 2.0 for iOS released, includes iPad support and multiple accounts


Zaggfolio iPad keyboard case

Picks of the Week

  • Alex's pick: Sound Devices USBPre 2. $600+
    • Swiss army knife of audio in/out, balanced input/output, supports XLR/optical out


  • Ford
  • Squarespace
  • Smile Software
  • Hover

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