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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 332

MacBreak Weekly 332: Crazy Stupid Big

CES, those Apple/Waze rumors, App Store milestones, Tim Cook in China, and more.




CES 2013

  • Chris: CES is so big and so difficult to cover, but at least you can gawk at products you'll never be able to afford or use.
  • Ken: Never been to CES, but would like to go at some point.
  • Andy: Some products are exciting, but the lack of shipping/price information
  • Chris: The iLounge Pavilion is good for seeing a lot of iOS-focused products

Samsung announces 85" 4K TV on an easel

The Verge

  • Sarah: Sources says the easel isn't detachable from the TV
  • Chris: It's a TV you have to build your house around
  • Andy: CES flagship products are for a certain kind of consumer. The challenge is getting that new technology to be more affordable for the rest of us in 5 years or so

Hyundai to support Siri eyes-free mode

Apple Insider

  • Sarah: Does this raise the stature of Hyundai in the industry?
  • Andy: Would be better if this kind of support just becomes a standard feature, rather than something that car makers can charge extra for

Where are the Lightning accessories at CES?

Cult of Mac

  • Ken: Apple only hosted its MFi developer program in late fall, so accessory makers haven't had much time to work on accessories
  • Chris: Apple gets money not only for the MFi program, but also from licensing the connector itself, so for many vendors, it doesn't make financial sense
  • Andy: Still interesting though that there wasn't at least a 'show of force' at CES, stating support for Lightning even if they won't ship for a while

More CES news: Cameramator allows for iOS/Android control of SLRs

Cult of Mac

  • Andy: $299 price keeps it in the realm of professionals. Also, it would be good to work toward a universal smartphone remote control standard, rather than supporting just a few popular SLR brands

Rumor: Did Apple offer to buy social traffic app Waze?

The Next Web

  • Andy: Not sure what Waze would gain by having Apple buy them
  • Ken: Does Apple still need a 'quick fix' solution for its maps, or has the really embarrassing time for Apple Maps passed?
  • Chris: Agreed... Waze rumor sounds like it would be a 'pants on fire' reaction to maps criticism, not something Apple is known for.

Tim Cook makes second visit to China in less than 10 months


  • Chris: Apple recognizes China is a large and growing market

Rumor: Lower-cost iPhone with new design?

Episode 306, July 3

  • Andy: Makes sense to get a foothold in developing markets, but not sure if Apple will actually make that move
  • Ken: Apple could continue to shrink size and price of its iPad line to serve emerging markets if it includes a cell radio

App Store reaches 40 billion downloads

Apple Insider

  • Sarah: Half of that number occurred in the last year

Consumer Reports claims iPhone is worst 'top smartphone'

Business Insider

  • Andy: Consumer Reports tends to be very 'Spock-like' in its phone reviews, focusing on feature comparisons rather than the whole experience
  • Chris: "I have three things to say about this: 1) Business Insider, 2) Henry Blodget, 3) Consumer Reports"

Apple and Samsung only manufacturers seeing growth in the US

Cult of Android

  • Chris: Samsung has successfully set themselves up through their marketing as the 'not-Apple'
  • Andy: 2012 was the first time I saw an Android phone marketed as well as the iPhone. The Galaxy S III is also the first non-iPhone that people have enthusiastically asked me about while out and about.

Amazon's appstore ruled as not infringing on Apple's App Store

The Verge

Apple and many other tech companies sued by patent troll


  • Andy: "Until Disney makes a beloved animated feature in which a patent lawyer is the talking familiar to the plucky young heroine, I don't think that a patent lawyer will ever be a beloved or lovable creature"

Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: Air Login for iOS. Free for LAN use, subscription for WAN use
    • Remotely control your Mac
    • Has various features to help make remote Mac usage work with touch controls on iOS
  • Ken's pick: Squarespace.
    • Ken: Just became an MacOSKen sponsor, but tried it out for the first time yesterday and it's really easy to get something nice-looking built quickly.
  • Sarah's pick: Hundreds for iOS. $2.99
    • Fun puzzle game, simple but addictive, really polished and well-done


  • Lantronix
  • Gazelle
  • Pond5
  • Audible

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