MacBreak Weekly 333

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 333

MacBreak Weekly 333: Apple Shorts

We talk about Apple's tumbling stock price, iPhone sales, Tim Cook meets with Chinese government, and more.




Apple's share price continues to fall

Wall Street Journal

  • Leo: Apple has reduced orders for iPhone parts according to WSJ, which reports that demand is "weaker-than-expected"... but what was the expectation?
  • Rene: WSJ article had a figure in its original article of 65 million expected unit sales for the quarter, which would be way too high for Q2 sales.
  • Leo: To me, reduced iPhone part orders is believable... there seems to be a lot more people moving to Android
  • Andy: 2012 was the year in which iOS lost its compelling edge against Android
  • Leo: Apple needs to release something that leapfrogs the competition... an iPad mini with phone capability. People just want to take around one device.
  • Rene: Once Blackberry 10 launches, Apple for the first time will be in the position where it has the oldest mobile phone OS on the market.

Apple gets technical Emmy


Thunderbolt cables are now cheaper, shorter length also available


Tim Cook goes to China to meet with China Mobile chairman

Wall Street Journal

  • Adam: Whatever happened to rumors of Apple being its own carrier?
  • Leo: It's tough, just look at the trouble Dish Network has had in becoming a mobile carrier

More low-cost iPhone rumors

  • Rene: There's a difference between making something cheaper vs. affordable. Apple has been good at driving down prices without sacrificing build quality.

Apple blocks Java plug-in due to critical vulnerability


T-Mobile to start selling iPhone later this year


Top podcaster sued by patent troll, casts shadow over podcasting


  • Leo: We'll be simulcasting with Adam Carolla about this on Thursday at 7PST/10EST

Facebook announces social search


  • Andy: It won't convince anyone to make Facebook a bigger part of their lives

Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: Aereo. $1/day, $8/month, or $80/year
    • Service lets you rent a small antenna, streams/DVRs your metro area's broadcast channels to pretty much any device
    • Originally NYC only, now expanding into 20 new cities
  • Rene's picks:
    • Hundreds for iOS. $4.99. Echoing Sarah's pick last week, great game
    • Tripit. Travel itineraries generated from flight/hotel/rental confirmations
  • Adam's pick: Friends+Me.
    • Sends Google+ posts to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  • Leo's pick: Squarespace Note for iOS. Free
    • Simple note app that can send notes to Squarespace, email, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook or Evernote


  • Hover
  • Squarespace
  • Carbonite

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