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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 408

MacBreak Weekly 408: 1.5 Pop-Tarts

Apple releases a cheaper 21.5 inch iMac, Microsoft offers $650 to exchange MacBook Airs for a Surface Pro 3, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 could go into production in July, T-Mobile lends out iPhone 5S to test its network, and more.



Tim Cook Legacy?

  • Leo: Tim Cook Not getting Credit
  • Jason: Apple is still trying to do things differently
  • Andy: Apple is emerging from the "dessert" - Same products, but working better
  • Renee: We're starting to see the results of the Apple re-organization of 2 years ago, Apple employees were visibly happy! Different than the SJ years
  • Jason: People (Apple employees and developers) are no longer afraid of "screwing up," they are confident and happy

Google 6/25 announcement

  • Leo: What does Apple think?
  • Rene: Amazon phone is only for US customers on Amazon Prime - low market. Google IO is exciting because of the different apps and services
  • Andy: You get to see a company that keeps improving all their core products
  • Leo: Google will probably show off some watches, when will Apple
  • Rene: October
  • Jason: Apple's product will indicate a "reset" on this market just as they did with the iPod, iPad and iPhone
  • Renee: Apple saw in those previous markets what needed to be improved.

iWatch Rumors

  • Leo: From Reuters:
    • Quanta Computers Inc will start mass productions of Apples smart watch next month
    • The watch will measure 2.5 diagonally
    • Slightly rectangular
  • From The View:
    • Display will extent from band slightly creating arched shape
    • Will feature touch interface and recharging capabilities
    • Apple expects to ship 50M units
  • From other sources:
    • Display will come from LG
    • October release date
  • Leo: Motorola Moto 360
  • Renee: People in the industry are angry at Motorola, thinking it is not even possible
  • Andy: Motorola is selling a platform, not hardware
  • Jason: WHO is gonna buy these? (smart watches)
  • Leo: Wearables are still a conundrum for all technology companies
  • Jason: Wearables are NOT a single item, but things all over your body that work together
  • Andy: Is Apple capable of doing something smart, but simple
  • Leo: Apple is recruiting pro-athletes. Kobe Bryant is wearing "whatever it is"

Amazon Fire Phone

  • Leo: Amazon did a great job with the Fire Tablets
  • Renee: Why did Amazon made this phone? I will not recomend it to anyone
  • Andy: I consider this like the first gen Kindle Fire... after 2 generations it has found a good niche
  • Jason: I like Amazon, but not impressed with Amazon software UI

New iMac 21.5"

  • Leo: Memory is soldered on (not upgradable), Dual Core i5, HD5000 Graphics, 500G HD
  • Jason: Is 15% cut in price good enough for 50% performance decrease? Buying a refurbed system is a better option
  • Leo: It must be targeted to education
  • Jason: Many people can use this NOW, but it is not going to age well at all
  • Andy: Why not promote the Mac Mini for education?
  • Jason: Schools like the iMac for labs because it is All-In-One

iPhone Rumors

  • Leo: There will be 2 iPhones (4.7" and 5.5")
  • Andy: A larger sized and a Pop-Tart sized
  • Renee: Phablets are NOT selling in North America. They sell great in Asia.
  • Leo: iPhone Anti-theft features are deterring thefts, while Samsung thefts are up

Picks of the Week

  • Jason’s pick: LaunchBar 6 for $29
    • Oldie but goodie, just updated to version 6
  • Leo’s pick: Mimi Hearing Test – Mimi Hearing Technologies (for iOS) for free
    • Shows a full profile and has many features


  • Gazelle
  • LegalZoom
  • OffSet

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