MacBreak Weekly 409

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 409

MacBreak Weekly 409: A Little Less Fur

Apple to cease development of Aperture, wearable strategy, better Siri coming, and more.




  • Sarah: Leo is on holiday on Maui
  • Andy: Will try to avoid bemoaning career choices through the show.
  • Alex: In Rwanda preparing for national celebration of the end of the genocide
  • Renee: It's Canada Day! Also known as Confederation Day.

Aperture is being dumped

  • Andy: Spends more time in Aperture than gaming and is sorry to see it go. It is possible that Apple may have a replacement but not ready to announce.
  • Alex: Have been concerned about some stability issues in Aperture in the past, will wait to see what "Photos" offers
  • Sarah: Does Apple want to move away from the Pro Photographer area?
  • Renee: Apple seems to want to move towards the 'prosumer' market. iPhoto wasn't enough, but Aperture was too expensive
  • Alex: Apple looks to what 90% of the people need 90% of the time

Wearable Strategy

  • Sarah: Tech•pinions - Understanding Apple's Wearable Strategy
  • Andy: How Disney uses the digital wristband is an excellent example of how a wearable technology would be useful
  • Sarah: Disney uses the wristbands, linked to a credit card, to eliminate the need to carry cash, unlock doors, track children, etc...
  • Renee: Apple is at it's best when it is solving problems
  • Sarah: Looking at a wearable by when?
  • Andy: October

iTunes U update

  • Sarah: Does anyone here use iTunes U?
  • Andy: I have it, I'm proud to have it, but I don't use it
  • Alex: We are excited about the idea, but not sure how it will fit into our program
  • Sarah: Current implementation is hard to navigate
  • Alex: It's not for everyone, it takes a special quality for self-paced training


  • Sarah: Coming to 9 new automakers
  • Alex: Day to day integration of iPhone with car is more important and wanted than many other 'features' offered
  • Andy: Excited that there are many makers willing to support both CarPlay and Android Auto

Siri improvements coming?

  • Sarah: Wired-Siri Will Soon Understand You a Whole Lot Better
  • Renee: The technology is only going to get better/faster as we go along
  • Andy: It is not about full functionality, but effective usage
  • Sarah: Microsoft has demonstrated "neural networking" with Skype
  • Andy: The technology needs to become more conversational
  • Alex: There are predictive elements that need to be implemented


  • Sarah: Apple just released a new commercial geared to parents
  • Renee: Apple is no longer showing "things" but how they integrate into our lives
  • Sarah: Apple has released 16G iPod Touch with rear camera
  • Sarah: A recent poll showed people want better battery life over a bigger screen

Picks of the Week

  • Rene's pick: Slack for various
    • Team Communication/Virtual Office


  • Harry's
  • Gazelle

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