MacBreak Weekly 414

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 414

MacBreak Weekly 414: The Kardashian Free Zone

iPhone event on Sept 9, iOS 8 beta 5 locks down security holes, Apple officially welcomes Beats to the family, and more.



JustinTV bought by Google

  • Leo: No one came into work today
  • Andy: Wonder about people who archived their materials there
  • Leo: TWIT used it to stream, but not for archiving

Apple Event for iPhone

  • Leo: Sept 9
  • Renee: I predicted that determined on the fact that Apple always uses the same week
  • Leo: Will Apple show off 2 phone sizes?
  • Renee: 4.7" for sure, 5.5" is iffy
  • Andy: A lot could hinge on how confident Apple is with iOS 8 release
  • Renee: Last beta has many security loop-holes fixed
  • Leo: Update from Jonathan Zdziarski on security issues
  • Andy: Apples only contract with users is usable phone for the life of that contract (ie... if you got 2 good years out of a 4s, then it's good)
  • Leo: Apple doesn't cripple your old iPhone, time does.

Apple Officially Welcomes Beats

  • Leo: Ian Rogers is now in charge of iRadio
  • Renee: People heavy into iTunes will use iRadio, others will not
  • Leo: The Beats brand will remain,... at least for now
  • Andy: They may treat the Beats name just like the iPod name

New Apple Hardware

  • Leo: New AppleTV this year?
  • Rene: Next spring.

Other Apple News

Picks of the Week


  • ITPro TV
  • SquareSpace
  • Hover

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