MacBreak Weekly 416

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 416

MacBreak Weekly 416: That's My Travel Emmy

Tim Cook/ice bucket challenge, Apple adds key Vice Presidents, Apple granted a patent for a curved touch display, leaked iPhone 6 schematic may indicate NFC on the way, and more.



Tim Cook/Ice Bucket Challenge

  • Leo: IBC started with Phil Shiller, and challenged Tim Cook and others

Apple Win Emmy for Outstanding Commercial

  • Leo: 9to5Mac page has 5 videos that all autoplay
  • Alex: There are Emmys for every category imaginable

Apple adds key Vice Presidents, more diversity to executive leadership page

  • Leo: Wondered what Jony Ive thought about being after Angela Ahrendts, but then noticed it's just alphabetical
  • Alex: Paul Deneve is from YSL, now VP of Special Projects
  • Andy: That has to be one of the BEST jobs, Apple VP of "Special Projects"

New Apple Patent

  • Leo: Curved display will be for "iWatch" or will it?

Anti-Poaching Law

iPhone 6 rumors

MBP 2011 GPU issue

Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: TravelCard Charger for $39.00
    • Excellent small travel charger. Will half charge a dead iPhone 5s
  • Alex's pick: Poker Stars for free
    • Excellent site for learning the different styles of poker
  • Leo’s pick: BBQ Dragon for $59.95
    • Makes lighting and stoking a BBQ easy with no lighter fluid or other chemicals


  • Gazelle
  • ITPro TV
  • SquareSpace

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