MacBreak Weekly 417

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 417

MacBreak Weekly 417: Lego Queen

iPhone 6: screen resolution, new 128MB size, leaked assembled photos; iPhone 5 battery replacement program, cell phone kill switch law in CA, and more.



Slow News Cycle.... Apple/iPhone speculations

  • Andy: Will Apple increase the iCloud allotment to allow for devices with more memory (ie 128M)
  • Rene: Apple's new app, "Photos" will manage photos in the iCloud in a much more efficient way
  • Alex: The number 1 thing people use their mobile devices for is taking photos
  • Leo: Is this an opportunity for Apple to really upgrade the camera in the iPhone 6?
  • Rene: Apple wants a slim iPhone, cameras want depth of field, creating a tension in design
  • Leo: MacRumors post iPhone leak pics
  • Rene: Apple is very concerned about "Tap Target" or whether people can actually hit the target icon or button reliably.
  • Leo: John Gruber believes the resolution of 4.7" will be 1334x750 325-ppi and the 5.5" will be 2208x1242 461-ppi
  • Leo: iOS 8 gives evidence in it's code of other resolutions according to 9to5Mac
  • Leo: Bloomberg reports Apple is working on a 12.9" iPad for 2015
  • Andy: Would really like something between the laptop and the tablet

Battery Replacement Program for iPhone 5's

California Earthquake

  • Leo: Twit Brickhouse survived with no damage

Cell Phone kill switch


  • Leo: iMore published a good article
  • Alex: Smart watches are not attracting the +55 crowd (those who could really benefit from HealthKit)

Yosemite Public Beta 2

  • Leo: It feels ready...
  • Rene: I'd rather it be good than rushed
  • Leo: I have it running on my production machine. Very few apps are incompatible
  • Leo: iTunes 12: Apple wants to get rid of the left side gutter

Picks of the Week

  • Rene's pick: Philips Hue tap Switch for $80
    • A remote control for Hue lights with presets. In case you can't use the app


  • Harry's
  • LegalZoom

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