MacBreak Weekly 418

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 418

MacBreak Weekly 418: Why Don't My Fingers Fit?

FBI investigating alleged iCloud celebrity hack, Apple confirms that it's holding an event on September 9, an iWatch rumor roundup, veteran tech journalist Anand Shimpi heads to Apple, and more.



iCloud Security

iCloud Image Hack

  • Leo: We do not know how these images were 'hacked'
  • All: If the hacker knew the email account and there was no 2nd factor authentication
  • Rene: Turn off Camera Roll backup on iCloud
  • Andy: Also check settings on Flicker, and other photo sharing sites
  • Andy: Users should have a understanding (literacy) of how their tech devices work. Not necessarily be an expert, but understand
  • Leo: Fake Taylor Swift tumbler has a great article
  • Leo: Apple issued an advisory
  • Jason: Two factor authentication includes an email with a code that must be entered (as well as email address and password)
  • Leo: Tim Cook needs to apologize and demonstrate the tools Apple provides to prevent this from happening to people

Apple Event Sept 9

  • Leo: The invitation was beautiful but very cryptic "Wish we could say more."
  • Jason: The Flint Center is the same place Steve unveiled the Mac and the iMac
  • Leo: The Center alone is not large enough for the demonstration center - something is being built next to it right now
  • Andy: This is Apples big opportunity to show off iOS 8 as well as new iPhone
  • Jason: Look for and Apple payment system to be announced

iPhone Rumors roundup

  • 2 sizes - Yes
  • Saphire Glass? - Maybe
  • Better speakers? - Maybe

New Apple Wearable Rumors

  • $400 - $1000? - overquoted so people are impressed with the actual (lower) price
  • Sport, General Use, Elegant Styles?
  • Sensors for fitness?

Tech Writer Anand Shimpi going to Apple

  • Leo: Twit invited Annan before they realized he was going to Apple
  • Leo: He could be a Pre-reviewer for Apple before products are released
  • Rene: Samsung has done that for years

Picks of the Week

  • Jason's pick: Mailbox (Mac OSX) for free
    • It allows you to tri-age your mail very quickly
  • Rene's pick: Secure photo sharing apps for free
    • iMore has assembled a list of several apps that allow you to keep your photo's secure
  • Leo’s pick: iTunes Festival for free
    • Just started yesterday (Sept 1) and runs through the end of the month
  • BioShock (iOS) for $14.99
    • Same FPS controls as usual, but the artwork and graphics transferred very well


  • ITPro TV
  • Hover
  • SquareSpace

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