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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 419

MacBreak Weekly 419: Apple Watch

Post analysis of Apple event announcing iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Apple Watch, iOS 8 and more



New Apple Announcements on 9/9/2014

  • Leo: Announcement did not include anything unexpected
    • iPhone 6 - 4.7"
    • iPhone 6 Plus - 5.5" both available to order 9/12 for delivery on the 19th
    • ApplePay - touch to pay system
    • Apple Watch
  • Leo: Tim Cooks first new product announcement
  • Mike: He seemed genuinely excited and in his element
  • Leo: Kevin Lynch did the demo of the AppleWatch
  • Justine: Excited for the AppleWatch after using the Pebble and the Samsung Gear
  • Mike: Apple may have overcome some of the issues other smart watches have had
  • Leo: AppleWatch will not be available until next year, will have 3 models
  • Alex: Did Apple announce this to sandbag the other smart watches for Christmas?
  • Leo: They have the exchangeable bands for the watch
  • Leo: ApplePay will work with the AppleWatch, also requires an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus
  • Justine: I love the MagSafe charging, most of the other watches have annoying charging systems
  • Mike: The battery needs to last a full day at a minimum!

Andy in Cupertino

  • Andy: Resolution on the AppleWatch is fantastic, punchy colors, pictures looked like genuine cameos, weight: Sport is light and forgettable; Edition has some significant heft
  • Leo: What about pricing?
  • Andy: Typical pricing for Apple, more than competitors, but still affordable. We were not able to actually touch any Watches. No information at all about battery life
  • Leo: What about the phones?
  • Andy: (First day impressions) The 5.5" is a wonderful device. Pop Tart size, but not awkwardly so. Multi finger gestures did not seem to work. Rounded edges makes a major difference
  • Leo: Thoughts on ApplePay
  • Andy: It's implemented in just the way I would like to see it done.
  • Mike: 2 questions - What happened to Saphire glass? How do you authenticate a purchase on the AppleWatch?
  • Andy: The watch IS Saphire... Authentication with Watch? I've not delved that deep into the information....
  • Leo: Renee tweeted - "Watch uses a passcode to authorize Pay. Authorized for as long as skin contact is maintained. If taken off, need to re-enter pin."

Problems with Apple Streaming

  • Alex: There was so much involved with active translations and other "moving parts" it is not surprising there were some issues

Rumor Mill Fails?

  • Justine: Kinda wanted to see wireless (inductive) charging
  • Leo: What about the nude picture "-gate?" Should Tim have addressed that?
  • Justine: I think it was better for him to NOT address it
  • Mike: Tim talked about security issues, but did not address this particular issue and I think he should have

Rene in Cupertino

  • Renee: The Watch uses a different OS, NOT a slimmed down version of iOS, meant to be a complement to the iPhone
  • Leo: Apple now has 3 OS's!
  • Rene: Not much info, but makes sense to not "dumb down" iOS, but to develop an OS specifically for the Watch
  • Leo: This is definitely a "TIM" product, Steve would not have released it
  • Renee: Absolutely. It will make a major impact


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