MacBreak Weekly 422

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 422

MacBreak Weekly 422 : Designed by Aggle

Apple developing iOS 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 in shifts, Apple Will Be ‘Lucky' to Ship Apple Watch by Valentine's Day, New Mac Mini Finally Coming with New iPads? Consumer Reports find iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not as bendy as believed, Apple releases iOS 8.0.2 with fixes to cellular, touch ID issues; and more.



Apple is changing future versions of iOS 8

  • Sarah: Future versions will be staggered rollouts to 2015
  • Rene: It's more of a return to the original release schedule
  • Jason: It seems that since Apple has been very good at rolling out new and updated hardware, maybe the software side if having issues keeping up.
  • Andy: It speaks the volume of markets that Apple is addressing with the updates
  • Sarah: MacRumors reports that Apple will be "Lucky to Ship Apple Watch by Valentines Day"
  • Jason: Apple has trended to release new hardware AFTER the holidays so production can ramp up and be fully prepared for the next year
  • Andy: It appears that the Apple Watch is still earlier in development than it actually appears
  • Jason: I actually tapped on the screen in the demo room after the show and the Apple rep almost freaked out
  • Andy: The nature of the event was that they were not showing off a "finished" product
  • Rene: Agreeing with Jason, the software is not ready yet. iOS 8.1 beta was just release and it has many hook built into it for the Apple Watch OS

New Mac Mini Update on Oct 21?

  • Sarah: The Mini has not been updated for 1.5 - 2 years?
  • Jason: There are good uses for a Mini. Specifically for those who do not want to buy a full iMac or spend the large amount for a MacPro
  • Andy: Good for a spare computer, or media server or even as an administration system
  • Sarah: Does it compete with the AppleTV?
  • Jason: It does, but there is many more uses for it than the AppleTV cannot fulfill
  • Sarah: Without the Broadwell processors, what WILL we see refreshed?
  • Rene: Actually, Apple may have the processors already. I think we will see Retina MBA, a 5K iMac

More Bendy iPhones

  • Sarah: Per Consumer Reports, the Bendy iPhone crisis is not as much of a crisis as Samsung would have us believe
  • Rene: 14 days and running in non-hipster jean pocket, no bending!
  • Jason: In Asia, where big phones are very popular, most users keep them in a bag. NOT a pocket
  • Andy: I keep my phone in my shirt pocket, but the 6 plus is too large for that.
  • Sarah: I feel very conspicuous carrying it.
  • Rene: The whole issue of "bending" exists because of physics, and education and understanding can alleviate it.
  • Sarah: Apple says only 9 people have complained. Consumer Reports that it started to bend with 90lbs of force.

iOS 8.01 issue and recall

  • Sarah: It was out for 80 min
  • Jason: I did it immediately, found no cell or wifi service.
  • Rene: It was only with the OTA update, tethered downloads were ok.
  • Jason: Apple was pretty impressive in how it was handled. The signatures were revoked quickly which kept a vast multitude from installing it


  • Andy: Having the ability to track some metrics on an hourly, daily, monthly basis will be of tremendous value to some people who need it
  • Sarah: Knowing my exercise time, heart-rate and other information is intriguing initially, but the novelty wears off after awhile


  • Sarah: FBI Director James Comby indicates he is very concerned about the steps Apple, Google (et al) are taking to secure privacy
  • Jason: The same type thing happened when the "Miranda Rights" act was passed, but they did adapt over time

MicroSoft Store on Fifth Ave. NY

  • Sarah: Will MicroSoft succeed on Fifth Ave?
  • Andy: I've experienced the MS store in Boston and it is practically an opposite experience to the Apple Store across the street
  • Rene: The Apple Store is an experience over retail, and Microsoft cannot offer that experience
  • Jason: I think MS can be successful on Fifth Ave if they really make the store somewhere people want to go to find out about MS products
  • Sarah: What would the difference be between the MS Store and Best Buy?

Retina iMacs?

  • Sarah: 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple is in late testing of Retina iMacs
  • Rene: They have been working on 4K and 5K iMacs in prototypes for awhile
  • Jason: The 27" WILL happen, but what happens to the rest of the iMac line?

Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: Lapworks Amigo for $139.95 (on sale)
    • Foldable Bluetooth keyboard
  • Rene's pick: CameraPlus for iPhone for $1.99, iPad for $4.99
    • Great utility for managing all the new camera controls with the iPhone 6 plus
  • Jason's pick: PCalc for iOS for $10
    • Besides being an app, it will also put a Calculator in the Notification screen, ability to create custom calculators
  • Sarah's pick: Dark Sky for iOS for $3.99
    • Dark Sky – Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts


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