Mary-Jo Foley

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Mary-Jo Foley

Mary Jo Foley is a mainstay of the Microsoft Tech Industry. She has been reporting on Microsoft over 25 years in her page at All About Microsoft]. She is probably the most knowledgeable Microsoft Tech Reporter due to her strong internal contacts within Microsoft. She follows the reporters axiom, that a closed mouth and open ears hear a lot.. She has been known to hang around lunchrooms listening for tidbits of information. She has actually been blacklisted by Microsoft after reporting three days before the public availability of Windows 2000, which Microsoft advertised as "a standard in reliability," a leaked memo from Microsoft reported on by Mary-Jo Foley revealed that Windows 2000 had "over 63,000 potential known defects.

So we have Paul Thurrott on the consumer side, and Mary-Jo reporting on the enterprise front (which in reality is Microsoft's mainstay)


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