Maxwell's House 63

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Maxwell's House
Episode 63



1. Units…

2. Art or Craft…

3. German rocket program…

  1. Super Weapon
  2. V-1 and V-2 rocket
  3. Did the Germans have a Nuke?
  4. Werner Von Braun
  5. A race to get the nuclear physicists and rocket scientists.

4. Sputnik is launched Oct. 4th 1957 and fear sets in.

  1. 96.2 minute orbit…
  2. Transmits beeps on 20.005 MHz and 40.002 MHz. Very close to WWV signals. Every amateur radio operator on Earth can pickup the signal.
  3. I was 13 and recorded the sound of the satellite.
  5. The U.S. embraces science in a whole new way…the space race and the cold war is on…

5. Explorer 1 is launched January 31, 1958,

6. Yuri Gagarin is the first human in space and in orbit on April 12, 1961.

7. Alan Shepard first U.S. man in space on May 5th, 1961…suborbital flight…Freedom 7 Mercury Capsule

8. Mercury Capsule made in St. Louis Mo. by McDonnell Aircraft.

9. John Glenn first U.S. man to orbit the Earth on Feb. 20th, 1962…Friendship 7 Mercury Capsule.

  1. I was in high school and enjoyed the traveling science teachers.

10. First Gemini mission March 23, 1965. Virgil Gus Grissom and John W. Young. Capsule made by McDonnell

11. How many astronauts died before men walked on the moon?

12. I went to work at McDonnell Aircraft 6,6, 1966

13. Feb 28, 1966…Elliott See and Charles Bassett were killed when their T-38 hit building 101.

  1. They were to fly on Gemini 9
  2. They were coming to fly simulator
  3. Stafford and Cernan landed 14 minutes later OK.
  4. Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton flew to St. Louis to lead the investigation.
  5. They crashed into a cooling tower on the roof of building 101.
  6. Glove in parking lot
  7. Decapitated
  8. One week later, Stafford and Cernan were launched into orbit.

14. We all remember the Apollo fire where Grissom, White and Chaffee were killed. January 27, 1967

  1. I was working at McDonnell Aircraft…
  2. North American Rockwell built the Apollo Capsule…McDonnell was called in the day of the fire.

15. Ted Freeman was killed before in a T-38 accident.

16. Clifton Williams…aircraft crash.

17. Edward Givens…car crash.

18. I went on to design the first Canadian high res satellite ground station for the TIROS-N satellite. These stations were installed in Czechoslovakia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Greenland…built at MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates

  1. While at MDA Joe Engle and Richard Truly, the second astronauts to fly the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-2, came by to visit. They test the Canadarm on that flight.

19. How much stuff is up there?

  1. When I look through my telescope on any night…

20. What would we have to fear today in order to embrace science the way we did in 1957?

21. What did we get out of the space program?

  1. Basic research in MEMS and IC’s
  2. Medical research
  3. Rocket technology
  4. Weather satellites
  5. Communication satellites

22. What is our calling…Conservative vs. Liberal…progress.

23. Do we need a life boat…If we can’t get it together to seek new sources of energy and stop over population, is there any chance that we would continue a space program so we have a place to go if we blow it here on Earth?

24. Next week…

  1. Physics across many fields…Audio, electronics, mechanical, optics,
  2. Color Questions…


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